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Philadelphia Stock Exchange is established, the first U.S. exchange.


Copenhagen Securities Exchange is established.


Boston Stock Exchange is established, the third US exchange.


CME (IPO NYSE 2002; NASDAQ 2008) creates the world’s first futures exchange, based in Chicago. They invent forward contract (1851), futures contract (1865), futures clearing operation (1865).


Stockholm Securities Exchange is established.


The Great Chicago Fire destroys RR Donnelley's (IPO NYSE 1956, NASDAQ 2009) new printing facility. In New York, Richard R. Donnelley raises reconstruction funds using the company's reputation for integrity and quality as collateral.


The first Madison Square Garden (IPO 2010) opened at Madison Square on 26th Street and Madison Avenue featuring sports and entertainment events including boxing and the National Horse Show.


The R.W. Sears Watch Co., predecessor to Sears Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ 2005), issues its first catalog.


Alfa Laval (listed in 1901, relisted 2002) developed a nozzle, now used in modern rocket engines, for their small steam turbine to increase the speed to supersonic.


Teva (IPO Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 1951, NASDAQ 1982) is founded in Jerusalem as a small wholesale drug business, specializing in imported medicines.


Thomas E. Donnelley starts The Lakeside Classics series to represent how RR Donnelley (IPO NYSE 1956, NASDAQ 2009) blends technology and craftsmanship to create lasting value.


SKF (listed 1914) was established based on the invention of the world's first self-aligning ball bearing.


A powerful merger brings the Third National Bank and the Fifth National Bank together eventually forming Fifth Third Bank (IPO 2009).


Elizabeth Arden (IPO 2003) opens her first Red Door salon on Fifth Avenue in New York City.


Helsinki Securities Exchange is established.


  • Tallinn Stock Exchange (Foreign Currency and Securities Exchange) is established in Estonia.
  • Scholastic (IPO 1992) is founded by M.R. “Robbie” Robinson, the father of the current Chairman and CEO, Richard Robinson.


Elektrolux (listed 1930 and now Electrolux) introduced the first vacuum cleaner on runners.


Wall Street Crash – prior to the Crash there was little regulation of US securities at the Federal level.


Congress holds hearings, known as the Pecora Commission, to discuss abuses that resulted in the Wall Street Crash.


Vaisala (listed 1994) invents the first radiosonde, used in weather balloons.


The Securities Act of 1933 regulates the interstate sales of securities and made it illegal to sell securities into a state without complying with that state's laws.


The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 becomes the regulatory foundation for the US financial markets and establishes the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


  • Lauri Rapala (Rapala; listed in 1998) creates the basis for the world-renowned Rapala fishing lures.
  • A publisher wants a new 10 cent magazine combining "50 cent quality" with news speed. RR Donnelley (IPO NYSE 1956, NASDAQ 2009) proposes new technology, papers and inks making LIFE magazine a reality.


The Maloney Act generates the creation of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD).


World War II creates surge in scientific and technological advances such as radar, sonar, nuclear fission, synthetic rubber, alternative fuels and the wide use of penicillin.


Military and space exploration drive science and technology. Inventions, like satellites, computers, robots, color TVs, mainstream into civilian economy.


The first H&M (listed in 1974) store opens in Sweden.


Outokumpu (IPO 1988) invents flash smelting of copper, now owned by spin-off Outotec Oyj, saving substantial energy. Roughly half of the world's copper produced uses this technology.


Raisio (listed 1989) begins cultivating rapeseed (canola) the basis for margarine.


Mattel (IPO NYSE 1960, listed on NASDAQ 2009) introduces the iconic Barbie and Ken dolls.


The SEC charges the NASD with implementing an automated trading system to unify the over-the-counter market.


Fiskars, the world’s #1 scissor brand (listed 1915), manufactures the first plastic-handled scissors. Over 1 billion of the orange-handled, iconic scissors have since sold.


  • The world’s first electronic stock market - The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) - begins trading 2,500 over-the-counter securities.
  • Gordon Macklin (1971-1987) President of the NASD and founder of NASDAQ.
  • Intel (IPO 1971) invents the microprocessor.
  • Starbucks (IPO 1992) opens its first store in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market to sell some of the world’s finest fresh-roasted whole bean coffees.
  • Paychex (IPO 1983) begins with $3,000 and a credit card, providing payroll services for small- to-medium sized businesses.


Vaisala (listed 1994) invents the thin-film capacitive humidity sensor.


NASDAQ invents the modern IPO by listing venture-capital-backed companies and allows the underwriting syndicates to trade as market makers.


  • Apollo Group’s (IPO 2000) University of Phoenix, a for-profit university, becomes accredited.
  • The Cheesecake Factory (IPO 1992) opens its first restaurant, a 100-seat location in Beverly Hills, CA.


  • NASDAQ releases inside quotations, narrowing spreads on 85% traded securities.
  • Cetus Corporation (IPO 1981) invents technique for multiplying DNA sequences in vitro by Polymerase Chain Reaction.
  • Whole Foods (IPO 1992) opens its first store in Austin, TX.


  • Linear Technology (IPO 1985) is founded by Robert H. Swanson, Jr. and Robert C. Dobkin.
  • Panera Bread (IPO 1991) begins as Au Bon Pain Company, Inc.


  • NASDAQ offers real-time trade reporting for 40 highest volume securities with the advent of NASDAQ National Market System.
  • AutoDesk (IPO 1985) invents AutoCAD for 2D.
  • Vodafone (listed 1988 LSE, listed on NASDAQ 2009) is first awarded its mobile license in the UK.
  • Patricia R. Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard start feminine handbag and luggage company, Vera Bradley (IPO 2010) in Barbara's basement.
  • Six department stores in the San Francisco Bay Area are acquired and converted into the Ross Dress For Less (IPO 1985) format.


Intuit (IPO 1993) launches Quicken software, revolutionizing personal finance by inventing an easier way to balance checkbooks, manage budgets and pay bills.


  • NASDAQ increases trade volume and efficiency with Small Order Execution System (SOES).
  • Apple (IPO 1980) invents the Mac.
  • Michael Dell starts Dell Computer (IPO 1988) with $1,000.
  • Chiron Corporation (IPO 1983) announces the first cloning and sequencing of the entire human immunodeficiency virus genome.


  • Iceland Stock Exchange is established.
  • OM starts derivatives trading in Stockholm.
  • NASDAQ creates The NASDAQ-100 Index, comprised of NASDAQ’s top 100 largest non-financial companies by market cap.
  • Microsoft (IPO 1986) ships first version of Windows.
  • Morningstar (IPO 2005) debuts the Morningstar Rating™ for mutual funds.
  • Martin Sorrell takes stake in Wire and Plastic Products Plc, a UK manufacturer of wire baskets, following his search for a public entity through which to build a worldwide marketing services company, later renamed WPP (IPO 1988)
  • Xilinx (IPO 1990) introduces the XC2064™, the first-ever FPGA, a radical new form of programmable logic.


  • Fuji (NASDAQ-listed until 2009) introduces disposable camera.
  • Staples (IPO 1989) launches the office products superstore industry with the opening of its first store in Brighton, MA.
  • Comcast (IPO 1972) makes founding investment in QVC.
  • Cisco (IPO 1990) launches its first routing innovation, forever changing the networking communications industry and the Internet.
  • Columbia Sportswear (IPO 1998) introduces the iconic, innovative Bugaboo™ Parka.


  • Joseph Hardiman (1987-1996) President and CEO of NASD.
  • NASDAQ Workstation, a PC-based platform, gives traders a faster tool and greater flexibility to customize service.
  • OM becomes the world's first publicly listed exchange.
  • Finland's Options Market is established.


  • Options and futures trading starts on the Copenhagen Exchange.
  • NASDAQ enables market makers to execute many orders automatically with Advanced Computerized Execution System (ACES).
  • Discovery Communications (IPO 2008) begins Shark Week, the first-ever branded programming stunt on cable television.


  • NASDAQ reduces risk by providing same-day comparisons of telephone-negotiated trades with Automated Confirmation Transaction (ACT) Service.
  • Electronic Arts (IPO 1990) releases John Madden Football.
  • Qualcomm (IPO 1991) makes a historic phone call, CDMA is proven.
  • Symantec (IPO 1989) launches its first stand-alone antivirus product.
  • CA Technologies (IPO 1981) becomes the first software maker to reach $1 billion in revenues.


  • OM creates first automated securities trading system.
  • The SEC approves the UTP Plan granting exchanges unlisted trading privileges in national market securities, creating a mechanism for expanded financial data distribution.
  • Adobe (IPO 1986) launches Photoshop.


  • OM integrates the world's first derivatives trading and clearing system.
  • NASDAQ allows firms and investors around the globe to participate in the trans-Atlantic NASDAQ network during European trading hours.
  • FDA approves Amgen’s (IPO 1983) Neupogen used to fight bacterial infections and offset radiation and chemotherapy effects.
  • The SanDisk (SunDisk, IPO 1995) flash drive, known as "Rainbow," is used on the U.S. space shuttle.
  • Garmin (IPO 2000) launches its first product, the GPS 100, a GPS receiver aimed at the aviation, marine and outdoor markets.
  • SMART Technologies (IPO 2010) introduces the world’s first interactive whiteboard.


Vilnius Stock Exchange is established.


  • NASDAQ develops three new indexes to track key growth industries: biotechnology, computer and telecommunications.
  • Riga Stock Exchange is established.
  • NASDAQ is the first to provide transparency into the US depth of book with Level 2 data.
  • Adobe (IPO 1986) launches Acrobat and the Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • P.F. Chang’s (IPO 1998) opens its first restaurant at the Scottsdale Fashion Square in Scottsdale, AZ.
  • DTSI (IPO 2003) enhances the movie going experience by bringing their digital surround sound technology to theaters.


  • NASDAQ surpasses the NYSE in yearly share volume.
  • The Estonian CSD foundation agreement is created.
  • Herman Miller (IPO 1971) introduces the Aeron office chair.
  • Ericsson (listed in 1919) co-creates Bluetooth.
  • PetSmart (IPO 1993) starts PetSmart Charities, an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3), to save the lives of homeless pets, raise awareness of companion animal welfare issues, and promote healthy relationships between people and pets. Since its inception, PetSmart Charities has helped save the lives of more than 4.4 million pets and has become the largest funder of companion animal-welfare efforts in North America, providing more than $110 million in grants and programs benefitting animal-welfare organizations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.
  • The world’s first satellite call is made, using a Nokia (listed in 1915) GSM handset.
  • Jerry Yang and David Filo, Electrical Engineering graduate students at Stanford University, created a website named "David and Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web,” a directory of other websites organized in a hierarchy, as opposed to a searchable index of pages. It was then renamed Yahoo! (IPO 1996), short for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle".
  • SanDisk (SunDisk, IPO 1995) invents and introduces CompactFlash card.


  • Tallinn Stock Exchange is re-established following Estonia’s separation from the Soviet Union.
  • Latvia starts trading securities on the Riga Stock Exchange and registers and settles securities through the Latvian Central Depository.
  • NASDAQ Workstation II is unveiled.
  • NASDAQ introduces RADAR, the state-of-the-art surveillance tool.
  • Symantec (IPO 1989) releases Norton Antivirus.
  • eBay (IPO 1998), then called AuctionWeb, is founded by Pierre Omidyar who posts the first item, a broken laser pointer, which sells for $14.83.
  • EchoStar Communications Corporation successfully launches its first satellite into orbit, giving birth to what will become one of the fastest growing pay TV services, DISH Network (IPO "DISH" 1995).


  • Alfred R. Berkeley (1996-2003) was named the first president of The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.
  • The first exchange website,, goes live and quickly becomes one of the most visited investor sites on the Internet.
  • Tallinn Stock Exchange website launches with 11 securities.
  • NASDAQ OMX Commodities Europe – Nord Pool is established.
  • Macromedia (NASDAQ-listed 1993-2005) launches Flash.
  • Expedia (IPO 1999), which starts as a small division within Microsoft, launches online travel site, giving consumers a revolutionary new way to research and book travel.
  • WebMD (IPO 2005) begins as Healthscape.
  • Starbucks (IPO 1992) opens first store outside of North America in Japan.


  • Frank Zarb (1997-2003) Chairman and CEO of the NASD and The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.
  • Finland's Options Market and Helsinki Stock Exchange merge to form HEX Ltd.
  • NASDAQ opens its first broadcast studio at 33 Whitehall Street in New York City to host Market Open ceremonies and financial media.
  • NASDAQ is the first stock market to offer its listed companies a proprietary online service with company, peer and industry trading data called NASDAQ Online.
  • Riga Stock Exchange is the first Baltic exchange to allow automatic order matching from the public order book with best price execution.
  • eBay (IPO 1998) celebrates the sale of its 1 millionth item, a Sesame Street Big Bird toy.
  • Tivo (IPO 1999) creates a brand-new product and service category with the development of the world's first digital video recorder (DVR).
  • Electronic Arts (IPO 1990) cleared its first one billion dollars in sales.
  • FDA approves Biogen's (IPO 1983) RITUXAN for the treatment of certain types of B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) - the first monoclonal antibody to be approved as a cancer therapeutic.
  • DTSI (IPO 2003) technology enables movie-theater-quality surround sound to be experienced in your home.


  • NASDAQ partners with The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong to provide investors worldwide with information about both markets on a joint Internet service.
  • OM and Stockholm Stock Exchange merge to form the OM Group.
  • AstraZeneca (listed in 1999) introduces Losec (aka Prilosec) into the market for acid-related diseases.
  • Joe Dahan, founder of Joe’s Jeans (IPO 2007), first presents his men’s line Joe The Hun, creating serious fashion buzz and generating large retail sales.
  • Netflix (IPO 2002) opens the world's first Internet store to offer DVD rentals, carrying virtually every DVD available.
  • (IPO 1999) first launches its business on the Internet.
  • Novellus (IPO 1988) ignites the “Copper Revolution” in the manufacturing of semiconductor chips.


  • HEX and Finnish Central Depository form HEX Group.
  • NASDAQ becomes the world’s biggest stock market by dollar volume.
  • The NASDAQ-100 Index Tracking Stock (QQQ) ETF launches and trades 2.6 million shares in the first two hours.
  • On New Year’s Eve and in the heart of Times Square, NASDAQ opens MarketSite, featuring a broadcast studio and the largest outdoor video screen in the world.
  • Order handling rules came into effect validating the need for NQDS to effectively handle customer orders.
  • Research In Motion (IPO TSE 1997; NASDAQ 1999) launches the BlackBerry wireless email solution.
  • Level 3 Communications (IPO 1998) builds the world's first continuously upgradeable network fully optimized for internet protocol (IP).
  • NVIDIA (IPO 1999) invents the Graphics Processing Unit, or GPU.
  • The FDA approves Tamiflu, manufactured by Gilead (IPO 1992), for the treatment of influenza A and B in adults.
  • (IPO 2002) is founded in Salt Lake City, UT.


  • NASDAQ membership votes to restructure and spin off NASDAQ from the NASD into a shareholder-owned, for-profit company.
  • Tallinn Stock Exchange and Estonian CSD merged the two companies under single strategic management.
  • Novellus (IPO 1988) reaches an historic milestone by surpassing $1 billion in revenue.


  • Hardwick Simmons (2001-2003) named CEO of The NASDAQ Stock Market.
  • Armenian Stock Exchange is established.
  • Finish HEX Group acquires strategic ownership in the Tallinn Stock Exchange Group.
  • NASDAQ sets share volume record — more than 3.19 billion shares traded.
  • NASDAQ converts all equity securities to decimal pricing.
  • Riga Stock Exchange allows private investors to directly connect to its trading system via the internet to trade securities without a broker.
  • The FDA approves Gilead’s (IPO 1992) antiretroviral agent Viread®, for the treatment of HIV infection when taken in combination with other antiretroviral agents.
  • Apple (IPO 1980) invents the iPod.
  • (IPO 1997) donates over a million flowers to events honoring 9/11 victims and assists in ceremonies for their families at Ground Zero.
  • Nutrisystem (IPO 1999) signs an exclusive contract with the QVC network, solidifying its presence and popularity within the weight loss industry.


  • NASDAQ creates more transparency, access to liquidity and stable trading with SuperMontage — the next generation market platform.
  • NASDAQ unveils the Market Intelligence Desk staffed with industry specialists to provide listed companies with detailed information regarding their stocks’ trading activity, news coverage, analyst coverage and chat room activity.
  • OM and London Stock Exchange form the EDX derivatives exchange
  • HEX Group acquires Riga Stock Exchange.
  • Riga Stock Exchange acquires the Latvian Central Depository creating one securities market in Latvia.
  • NASDAQ creates 3 new data feeds that separate proprietary data from UTP plan data.
  • Blue Nile (IPO 2004) receives its first Circle of Excellence Platinum Award for outstanding online customer service. It is the only jeweler to have ever received this award, and has done so every year since.


  • OM and HEX Group merge to form OMHEX.
  • Robert Greifeld (2003-present) named President and CEO of The NASDAQ Stock Market.
  • Biogen (IPO 1983) and IDEC (IPO 1991) merge, forming a global biotechnology leader with products and capabilities in oncology, neurology, and immunology.
  • DIRECTV (NYSE 2003, lists on NASDAQ 2007) reaches 12 million customers in the US and 1.5 million customers in Latin America, 9 years after being founded.


  • NASDAQ launches dual listing by listing six NYSE companies.
  • NASDAQ Market Center begins trading NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ securities.
  • NASDAQ unveils the Opening and Closing Crosses, a fully-transparent process auction process.
  • TotalView, NASDAQ’s flagship proprietary data product, is enhanced to display 1,400% more depth.
  • NASDAQ acquires Brut from SunGard Data Systems.
  • NASDAQ exports QQQ to Japan, Israel and Mexico and EQQQ to Switzerland and Germany.
  • OMX acquires the Vilnius Stock Exchange.
  • OMHEX changes name to OMX and implements joint trading platform on all Nordic exchanges.
  • A consolidated Baltic Market is formed by creating a common trading system, common listing standards and the Baltic Index.
  • DTS (IPO 2003)-HD technology is selected as a mandatory audio format for the next generation Blu-ray™ disc standard.
  • James C. Morgan, Chairman of Applied Materials (IPO 1972), wins the first Global Humanitarian Award, honoring individuals whose broad vision and leadership help address humanity’s greatest challenges. The award carries his name moving forward at The Annual Tech Awards.


  • OMX and Copenhagen Stock Exchange merge.
  • Alternative market First North begins trading in the Nordics.
  • NASDAQ introduces NASDAQ OrderView, a data feed that facilitates program and algorithmic trading.
  • NASDAQ acquires INET.
  • NASDAQ launches the NASDAQ Datastore to give retail customers unparalleled access to market transparency through several widgets.
  • Baidu (IPO 2005) offers online marketing services, including the first auction-based P4P service in China.
  • Broadcom (IPO 1998) ships 1 billionth communications semiconductor.
  • Talvivaara Mining Company, a base metals producer (IPO LSE 2007, lists on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki 2009), invents bioheapleaching – a low-cost process requiring only air, water and microbes, creating a cleaner and more environmentally friendly process to extract metal out of low-grade ore.
  • SanDisk (SunDisk, IPO 1995) announces microSD - world's smallest memory card.


  • NASDAQ receives unanimous SEC approval to operate as a national securities exchange.
  • NASDAQ introduces the NASDAQ Crossing Network, a fully-anonymous trade execution.
  • NASDAQ creates the highest listing standards in the world with NASDAQ Global Select Market tier.
  • NASDAQ takes $34 billion in total market capitalization from the NYSE.
  • NASDAQ acquires to offer public companies investor relations services.
  • NASDAQ acquires PrimeZone, to offer public companies newswire and multimedia distribution.
  • NASDAQ Closing Cross sets a new record during the annual Russell Index Reconstitution, executing 690.8 million shares representing $10.5 billion in 5.1 seconds across 3,200 NASDAQ stocks.
  • NASDAQ Execution Systems becomes the number one liquidity provider to the NYSE floor.
  • OMX merges with the Iceland Stock Exchange.
  • NASDAQ OMX launches its first sentiment indicator, NASDAQ Market Analytix.
  • Google (IPO 2004) purchases YouTube.
  • Fastenal (IPO 1988) begins its prominent sponsorship of NASCAR racing, starting with the Craftsman Truck Series.
  • Teva (IPO Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 1951, lists on NASDAQ 1982) became the largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world after purchasing Ivax.
  • Check Point (IPO 1996) creates a unified security architecture, using a single management console, unified security gateways and the first and only single agent for endpoint security.


  • Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian securities can clear and settle cross-border in their national currencies across the Baltic markets.
  • OMX acquires the Armenian Stock Exchange.
  • CNBC's “Fast Money” films at NASDAQ MarketSite.
  • NASDAQ acquires Directors Desk, technology designed for board members to streamline communications and key functions.
  • NASDAQ sets an all time share-volume record with 3.31 billion shares traded in one day.
  • NASDAQ acquires OMX and changes name to The NASDAQ OMX Group.
  • The NASDAQ Stock Market is the first US exchange to open an office in Beijing, China.
  • NASDAQ OMX acquires the Boston Stock Exchange.
  • The NASDAQ Stock Market becomes the largest US stock exchange with matched volume in all US securities reaching a record high of 442 billion shares, more than any other US exchange at 29.1%.
  • Tallinn Stock Exchange builds retail investor confidence by educating new investors through “Invest Mentor”.
  • First North starts trading in all Baltic countries.
  • The Baltic exchanges allow members to operate in one Baltic exchange and trade in other Baltic exchanges.
  • Tesla (IPO 2010) Roadster, world’s most efficient electric car, shown at road shows.
  • Amazon (IPO 1997) launches the Kindle reading device.
  • Transformers live-action movie franchise, based on toys by Hasbro (listed on NASDAQ in 2010), begins. [use Optimus Prime Robot image provided by Hasbro.]
  • Convio (IPO 2010) launches the Convio Open Initiative, helping nonprofit communities tap into the power of Web 2.0 and social networking.
  • (IPO 2003) is named one of the "Best Employers in China" by Fortune China magazine.
  • Liberty Media (first listed 1n 1991) starts the LibertyGives Foundation, a non-profit organization, to encourage and promote charitable giving.


  • NASDAQ OMX acquires the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.
  • NASDAQ OMX acquires the Philadelphia Board of Trade, known today as NASDAQ OMX Futures Exchange.
  • NASDAQ OMX completes 80% equity investment in International Derivatives Clearing Group (IDCG) to launch central counterparty clearing for IRS products.
  • NASDAQ OMX launches NASDAQ Market Pathfinders, a real-time data feed with insight into the buying and selling patterns of well-informed market participants.
  • NASDAQ OMX completes a 20% equity investment of Agora-X, LLC.
  • NASDAQ OMX Commodities and Nord Pool Spot AS are chosen by the Futures & Options Association (FOA) in UK to establish a spot and cash-settled derivatives power market with a full range of clearing services.
  • NASDAQ OMX acquires Chicago-based Bloom Partners, a leading market intelligence firm.
  • NASDAQ OMX creates NASDAQ OMX Advantage for listed companies to offer their employees access to discounts on products offered by participating NASDAQ-listed companies.
  • NASDAQ OMX named in the S&P 500 Index.
  • The NASDAQ Stock Market captures more trading in NYSE-listed securities than the NYSE. NASDAQ's matched share volume in NYSE-listed securities was 1.730 billion compared to the NYSE's 1.727 billion. NASDAQ's matched market share in NYSE-listed securities was 25.66%, compared with the NYSE's 25.61%.
  • The NASDAQ Stock Market launches Last Sale to become the first US stock exchange to facilitate universal, free access to real-time stock quotes -- or the last quoted price -- with CNBC, Google, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network and Xignite.
  • NASDAQ OMX, the Tokyo Commodity Exchange and NTT Data provide an integrated trading and clearing system for commodity derivatives.
  • NASDAQ OMX launches the NASDAQ Options Market, a price/time priority model.
  • NASDAQ OMX creates NASDAQ Last Sale, the first US stock exchange to facilitate free, universal access to real-time stock data.
  • NASDAQ OMX creates the Global Index Data Service and Global Index Watch providing real-time global index information on one single data feed and one single display.
  • NASDAQ OMX creates Market Replay, the first visual application allowing users to replay the market in simulated real time.
  • NASDAQ OMX creates Market Pathfinders, giving users a sentiment indicator on post-trade information.
  • California Pizza Kitchen (IPO 2000) aligns with Starlight to create CPKids Camp Great Escapes, which provide seriously ill children and their families with places to meet, relax, and have fun.
  • Celgene (IPO 1987) announces the first clinical transplant of placenta-derived stem cells.
  • Ener1 (Public 2002) announces a cooperative partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy to develop high-energy batteries for hybrid bus and heavy duty vehicles.
  • First Solar (IPO 2006) achieves the lowest manufacturing cost in the industry, breaking $1 per watt.
  • TiVo (IPO 1999) named one the “25 Innovations That Changed Entertainment” by Entertainment Weekly magazine.
  • Sirius Satellite Radio (IPO 1994) and XM Satellite Radio (IPO 1999) merge to form Sirius XM Radio.
  • E*trade (IPO 1996) debuts its Talking Baby ad campaign during Super Bowl XLII.
  • Sunpower (IPO 2005) partners with PG&E to build the world’s largest – 250 MW – crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) power plant.
  • EchoStar Communications Corporation, now DISH Network Corporation, spins off a subsidiary to form EchoStar Corporation (SATS IPO 2008), a leading developer and provider of satellite communications services and set-top box products for satellite, cable, and IPTV television providers worldwide.
  • Life Technologies was created by the combination of Invitrogen Corporation and Applied Biosystems Inc.


  • NASDAQ OMX resells Corporate Solutions packages to other worldwide exchanges to offer to their listed companies. BM&FBOVESPA is the first to offer services to public companies in Brazil.
  • NASDAQ OMX creates a mobile web version of, an industry first.
  • NASDAQ OMX Nordic and European Multilateral Clearing Facility launch a full central counterparty clearing service in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm.
  • NASDAQ OMX launches Market Replay Europe, enabling market participants to replay and analyze European market activity in simulated real-time.
  • NASDAQ OMX and the Tianjin Municipal People's Government sign a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • NASDAQ OMX and Osaka Securities Exchange sign a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Under the Global Access Program, NASDAQ OMX and the Frank Russell Company make NASDAQ OMX the exclusive provider of Russell real-time index values.
  • NASDAQ OMX creates NASDAQ Basic, a low-cost alternative to Level 1 data.
  • NASDAQ OMX launches TOPO and TOPO Plus, the first real-time data feeds available via the PHLX options market.
  • Costco (IPO 1985) becomes third largest retailer in US.
  • Arch Insurance Europe, a division of Arch Capital Group (IPO 1995), receives approval from the Lloyd’s Franchise Board to establish Syndicate 2012.
  • BMC Software (IPO 1988) earned the 2009 CIO 100 Award, issued each year by CIO Magazine, for implementing effective and innovative internal IT solutions that create business value.
  • Canadian Solar (IPO 2006) wins a highly competitive bid to supply solar panels to rural households in Sichuan Province, China.
  • Express Scripts completes the acquisition of WellPoint's NextRx subsidiaries, a long-term strategic alliance that presents a transformative opportunity to advance healthcare in America through tackling the nation's priority to improve health outcomes and reduce waste.
  • Cadence Design Systems (IPO NYSE 1989, dual listed on NASDAQ and NYSE 2004, switched to NASDAQ 2005) helps Casio maintain its lead in digital cameras by using TLM-driven design and verification to break productivity barriers.
  • Check Point (IPO 1996) introduces another breakthrough security innovation with its Software Blade Architecture: a dynamic, revolutionary architecture that delivers secure, flexible and simple solutions that can be fully customized to meet the exact security needs of any organization or environment.
  • Marvell (IPO 2000) introduces Plug Computing ? high-performance, low-power, exceptionally small computer for managing and storing digital media assets.


  • NASDAQ OMX acquires full ownership in the Tallinn Exchange.
  • NASDAQ OMX Commodities and Nord Pool Spot launch N2EX, a marketplace for physical UK power contracts.
  • NASDAQ OMX purchases North American Energy Credit and Clearing Corp., a Chicago-based clearinghouse for the over-the-counter power and gas markets.
  • NASDAQ OMX increases its 20% equity interest in Agora-X to 85%.
  • NASDAQ OMX acquires Nord Pool ASA, the world's largest power derivatives exchange and one of Europe's largest carbon exchanges.
  • NASDAQ OMX converts Nordic and Baltic equity markets to the INET trading system.
  • NASDAQ OMX introduces updated Volatility Guards on its Nordic and Baltic equity markets to protect investors and listed companies during times of volatile market conditions.
  • NASDAQ OMX creates NASDAQ OMX PSX, the first U.S. equity trading platform with a price-size priority model.
  • The NASDAQ Stock Market celebrates 20 years in California's Silicon Valley.
  • NASDAQ OMX makes a Portfolio Manager App for iPad.
  • NASDAQ OMX acquires SMARTS Group, the world-leading technology provider of market surveillance solutions to exchanges, regulators and brokers.
  • NASDAQ OMX provides GlobalQuote to Singapore Exchange (SGX) to trade NASDAQ-listed, Asian ADRs on SGX. NASDAQ OMX and SGX allow companies to list on both exchanges.
  • NASDAQ OMX creates a comprehensive family of indexes to track the green economy.
  • NASDAQ OMX creates Sharia-compliant indexes to serve investors who wish to develop and maintain an Islamic investment portfolio.
  • NASDAQ OMX converts Nordic cash and fixed income derivatives markets to INET Genium.
  • Under the Global Access Program, NASDAQ OMX is selected to provide market data audit services for the MICEX Group.
  • NASDAQ OMX acquires ZoomVision Mamato, providing webcasting and IR communication services for companies in the Nordic region.
  • NASDAQ OMX acquires FTEN, a leading provider of Real-Time Risk Management solutions for the financial securities market enabling broker-dealers and their clients to manage risk and improve the investment process.
  • Electronic Arts (IPO 1990) has 27 titles that sell more than one million copies and five titles that each sell more than four million copies.
  • Seagate (NASDAQ 2008) introduces the world’s first 1.5TB portable external drive.
  • ADP (IPO 1961) is named to several “best of” lists, including the Fortune list of World’s Most Admired Companies (ranked #1 in the Financial Data Services Industry category) and Working Mother magazine’s 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers.
  • Human Genome Sciences (IPO 2010) submits BENLYSTA to the FDA for approval, perhaps becoming the first new lupus treatment in more than 50 years.
  • Shanda Games (IPO 2009) receives 15 Golden Phoenix Awards at the 2010 China Game Industry Annual Conference in recognition of their outstanding contributions in the online game industry.


  • RapiData acquisition
  • Glide acquisition
  • GeniumINET webtrade launch


  • Global Index family launch
  • Thomson Reuters IR/PR business acquisition
  • First North American exchange to join United Nations Global Compact
  • Acquired central securities depository of Lithuania
  • Appointed supplier of news distribution service by Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Created all-asset and cross-market technology platform
  • Won FOW Best Innovation Award for the Genium INET Nordic integration
  • Acquired NOS Clearing ASA
  • Offered trading in all Norwegian shares – shares hit all-time high of 14.5% in September
  • NASDAQ OMX Helsinki became carbon neutral
  • Signed MOU with Dalian Commodity Exchange
  • Acquired 25% of Dutch derivatives trading venue TOM
  • Introduced interest rate swaps clearing
  • Launched Super Cab and 40 G Client Connectivity Access Service offerings
  • Launched FinQloud powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud computing platform for financial services applications that provides efficient management and storage of financial data
  • Introduced Metro Millimeter Wave (MMW), our fastest point-to-point wireless solution delivering market data at up to 40% faster than any other fiber optic solution
  • Introduced Excessive Messaging Policy as a means to reduce excessive quoting away from the NBBO
  • Announced Qualified Market Maker (QMM) program, providing preferred rates on certain transactions and discounts for order entry ports for eligible NASDAQ members
  • Launched BX Options, providing a destination geared towards retail order flow
  • Improved visibility and access to information with QView and the launch of a mobile version of NASDAQ OMX Trader
  • Media partnership with NY Tech Meetup
  • Welcomed global brands Kraft Foods Group, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Hasbro, Viacom, and Sallie Mae to the Exchange
  • Market of choice for IPOs, raising nearly $23 billion in proceeds in 2012, and the home for technology, listing over 55% of tech IPOs
  • Partnered with China PRNews global news distribution to Chinese companies
    83% of NASDAQ-100 use products
  • Launched integrated platform for media monitoring and sentiment analysis
  • Iberian Market uses Directors Desk
  • Created mobile corporate intelligence
  • Clients awarded Gold and Silver in “Best Online Newsroom” at the Digital Impact Awards
  • Acquired BWise, a global leader in enterprise governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solutions
  • Announced a definitive agreement with Thomson Reuters to acquire the Investor Relations, Public Relations and Multimedia segments of its Corporate Services business unit, which provides insight, analytics and communications solutions to more than 7,000 clients worldwide.
  • With Axioma, introduced equity-based indexes to track commodity prices
  • Launched Commodity Index Family
  • First Trust launched ETFs on tech and income indexes
  • Acquired Mergent, Inc. index business including Indxis, an expert provider of index calculation services. Mergent is the creator of the Dividend AchieversTM Indexes, the leading index family that tracks companies with strong long-term dividend growth.
  • Launched Global Index Family, a comprehensive index series reflecting more than 98% of the global equity investable marketplace
  • Launched OTC clearing and risk management system to Poland’s leading clearing house
  • ABN AMRO Clearing implemented SMARTS Broker
  • Upgraded trading platforms for The Nigerian Stock Exchange, The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, and Hong Kong Exchange
  • Kuwait Stock Exchange launched NASDAQ OMX trading platform
    Tokyo Commodities Exchange extended technology contract to 2019
  • Launched SMARTS broker on the London Metal Exchange with Newedge
  • Acquired RapiData- renamed to NASDAQ OMX Event-Driven Analytics- a leading provider of machine-readable economic news to trading firms and financial institutions
  • Launched UltraFeed, a highly-efficient data feed that aggregates North American equity, options, futures, indexes and fund market data in a normalized ITCH message format
  • Launched NASDAQ OMX Datacenter Extended (NODE), a new connectivity product offering access to our Equity, Fixed Income, Commodity markets and colocation space in the Nordics
  • Increased insight into NASDAQ OMX PHLX via the PHLX Depth of Market feed