Students & Graduates


Nasdaq offers a limited number of paid summer internships throughout the organization. These target rising juniors and rising seniors before final year of study. Internships give you a chance to experience working at Nasdaq in US for a summer. These internships are designed to attract, develop and continually assess those students who are most likely to succeed with us. Through training, seminars, social events and the experience of working with top people in our industry, students gain a unique insight into our industry and an early career advantage.


Thesis Work

Occasionally, Nasdaqin Sweden offers thesis work to University students. Carrying out thesis work while working at Nasdaq is an excellent way to open doors in your professional life and create an invaluable network of contacts. At the moment, there are no open positions for thesis work. Stay updated by visiting this page.



If you have any questions about internships, campus hires or carrying out thesis work, please send an e-mail to Human Resources at