Existing Equity Derivative Members

Genium INET & Commodities


Nasdaq Commodities have now migrated from CLICK/SECUR to the Genium INET trading platform, used by Nasdaq's European equity and fixed income Derivative Markets (DM). The change from CLICK/SECUR to Genium INET gives Derivatives Market members the possibility to access commodities through their existing membership.

Staffan Friberg, Sales Director for Nasdaq Commodities tells more about the Genium INET trading platform.


  • All derivative market members get access to commodities.
  • One screen – multiple markets
  • No change required for existing members
  • One joint order book
  • Harmonised trading rules


  • Nasdaq Clearing AB is Central Counter Part for both financial & commodity trading.
  • No changes to collateral and margining arrangements for Commodities or Derivatives Markets members
  • No change to existing membership


Products Instruments Currency
Nordic Power Futures, DS Futures, Options & EPADs EUR
German & Dutch Power Futures, DS Futures & EPADs (only for German Power) EUR
UK Power Futures GBP
EUAs Day Futures, DS Futures % Options EUR
CERs Day Futures, DS Futures & Options EUR
UK Natural Gas Futures GBP
Elcert DS Futures & Day Futures EUR & SEK
Dry Freight Options & Futures USD
Fuel Oil Futures USD
Tanker Freight Options& FUtures USD