Nasdaq Clearing AB provides members with settlement information for payments to be made or received in the Genium INET Clearing Workstation. The cash settlement basis includes a calculation of all cash settlements with the same settlement day, together with a net amount to be paid or received per clearing member.

As a result of counterparty obligations, all cash settlements and delivery transactions are executed via Nasdaq Clearing AB.

  • Cash settlements must go through an Approved Settlement Bank (or Settlement Agent through an Approved Settlement Bank which meets the necessary requirements spelled out per product in each respective currency/market.

  • The Clearing Members must ensure, by no later than 09:00 CET on the settlement day, have the necessary balance for Direct Debits accessible in their settlement account.

  • Direct Credits will be executed to receiving Clearing Members daily at 11:30 CET

  • All cash settlements are netted per currency

  • Payment figures are listed daily in reports found in Clearing Workstation.

Please see lists of Approved Settlement Banks in the European Clearing pages »