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Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) and Nasdaq have introduced connectivity to Nasdaq’s European commodities operations, through its new TT’s next-generation platform with mobile capabilities. It gives traders the possibility to access the Nasdaq Commodities markets from virtually any internet connected device.


About the TT Screen

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) TT provides secure, high-performance, go-anywhere market access and trade execution.

The Nasdaq Commodities TT Screen can be used to access the Commodities markets for:

  • Power derivatives
  • Gas derivatives
  • Emissions spot and derivatives
  • Freight and Fuel oil
  • Ferrous products (steel and iron ore)

The TT Screen offers functionality such as:

  • Order entry and management
  • Block Trades reporting
  • Access to the system from virtually any internet-connected computer or mobile device
  • Viewing and charting market data
  • Linked widgets / windows


When will the new TT Screen be available?

The TT Screen is now available for all Exchange members. If you are interested in the screen, please contact your key account manager or the

Why do you terminate WebTrade and launch TT Screen as replacement?

The WebTrade platform has been a well-functioning tool for clients that wish to access our EU Commodities markets over common internet. However, Nasdaq wishes to anticipate future client needs. The WebTrade architecture has limitations and therefore we have chosen to partner with one of the major ISVs to bring state-of-art software like mobile applications to our clients.

Will Nasdaq Trading Workstation (TW) continue to be provided for trading access to Nasdaq Commodities markets?

Yes, the TW application will remain as a trading application in the same way as today. 

Will there be a change in the pricing model? Will the cost increase?

Yes and No. The screen costs EUR400 / month per user. However, there is no sliding fee step for TT screens.

Will there be mobile screens for smartphones etc.?

Yes. Mobile screens are available and the “TT Mobile” app is available to download from Apple store or Google Play.

Will there be a distribution via the GCMs?

Yes. It is planned for 2016.

Will the Nasdaq Commodities market in the US (NFX) be available to trade in the TT screen?

Yes, with exchange membership in both the Nasdaq Commodities Europe and NFX both exchanges can be accessed by the same TT user.

If I already have TT SaaS access can I use my existing user to access Nasdaq EU Commodities?

Yes, existing TT users would be able to utilize their existing TT login details and access the Nasdaq EU Commodities.

Will there be changes to the log-ins and passwords?

The process will change due to the new system. A detailed explanation will be given during the roll-out phase.

How will I receive my log-in?

You will receive your log-in during the admission process. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant hotlines. 

Is Block / trade reporting system possible?

Yes, two leg Block Trade reporting is available. 

What order types are available in the TT screen?

  • Market

  • Limit

  • Fill-and-Kill (in TT called Immediate or Cancel, IOC)

  • Fill-or-Kill

  • Iceberg

  • Block (Block Trades)