Markets Overview


The power products offered by Nasdaq Commodities comprise of Nordic, German, Dutch and UK power derivates. The derivates are base and peak load futures, Deferred Settlement Futures (DS Futures), options, and Electricity Price Area Differentials (EPAD). Learn more about the Power market »


The exchange transactions offered by Nasdaq Commodities comprise of dry and tanker freight futures and options contracts. The dry and tanker derivatives contracts provided are linked to standardized freight routes or baskets and types of vessels. Learn more about our Freight products »

Fuel Oil

Through offering clearing of fuel oil contracts Nasdaq Commodities offers an effective hedging tool to the shipping industry and the cargo owners/buyers as well as trading opportunities to financial investors. Learn more about Fuel Oil »


We provide trading, clearing and physical delivery of European Union Allowances (EUA), European Union Aviation Allowances (EUAA) and Certified Emission Reductions (CER). Learn more about the Carbon products »

Natural Gas

The UK Natural Gas financial suite of instruments includes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and seasonal delivery periods. Read more about Natural Gas »

Ferrous Products

Nasdaq Commodities is developing a global suite of derivatives products for the ferrous trading community.  Financial Futures and Options contracts based upon TSI’s indices for 62% Iron Ore and US Shredded Scrap Steel make up the first phase of this initiative. Learn more about Ferrous Products »