Markets Overview


The power products traded at NASDAQ OMX Commodities Europe’s financial market comprise of Nordic, German, Dutch and UK power derivates. The derivates are base and peak load futures, Deferred Settlement Futures (DS Futures), options, and Electricity Price Area Differentials (EPAD). Learn more about the Power market »


The exchange transactions offered by NASDAQ OMX Commodities comprise of dry and tanker freight futures and options contracts. The dry and tanker derivatives contracts provided are linked to standardized freight routes or baskets and types of vessels. Learn more about our Freight products »

Fuel Oil

Through offering clearing of fuel oil contracts NASDAQ OMX Commodities offers an effective hedging tool to the shipping industry and the cargo owners/buyers as well as trading opportunities to financial investors. Learn more about Fuel Oil »

Iron Ore

By offering cleared iron ore derivatives, NASDAQ OMX Commodities offers an effective hedging tool to the steel mills, producers, shipping industry and the trading companies as well as trading opportunities to financial investors. Learn more about our Iron Ore products »


NASDAQ OMX Clearing AB (‘’NASDAQ OMX Clearing’’) offers cleared exchange traded salmon derivatives in cooperation with the Norwegian regulated market, Fish Pool ASA. Learn more about our Seafood products »


We provide trading, clearing and physical delivery of European Union Allowances (EUA), European Union Aviation Allowances (EUAA) and Certified Emission Reductions (CER). Learn more about the Carbon products »

Natural Gas

The UK Natural Gas financial suite of instruments includes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and seasonal delivery periods. Read more about Natural Gas »

NASDAQ OMX Commodities provides trading and clearing of Nordic and international power derivatives, European Union allowances (EUAs) and certified emission reductions (CERs).

Trading Financial Power Derivatives and Carbon Contracts Benefits Include:

  • Access to the world's largest and most liquid power exchange
  • One of Europe's leading carbon markets
  • The first exchange in the world to list EUA and CER contracts
  • Flexible membership structure
  • Electronic trading systems and voice execution
  • Clearing of exchange- and OTC traded contracts
  • Reduced margin calls by offering netting between markets
  • Regulated exchange and clearing house


  • More than 400 members from over 20 countries
  • More than 80 members in the carbon market

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NASDAQ OMX Commodities offers a number of different power and carbon contracts covering a variety of different customer need including:

  • Continuous product development to meet market demand
  • Creating a liquid cross commodity trading platform
  • Facilitating market liquidity through competitive fees and tight spreads
  • Standardised products with a solid underlying rulebook
  • Direct or indirect membership
  • Nurturing trust through information transparency


The contracts are used for both trading and risk management purposes with a current trading time horizon of up to ten years, covering daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, season and annual contracts. All our carbon contracts are physically delivered. NASDAQ OMX Commodities Europe is the only exchange in Europe offering the complete product suite to members.

There is no physical delivery for financial market power contracts. Cash settlement continuous throughout trading- and/or the delivery period, starting at the due date of each contract, depending on whether the product is a futures or DS Futures. Financial contracts are entered without regard to technical conditions, such as grid congestion, access to capacity, and other technical restrictions.

Members can trade through our user-friendly electronic trading system Genium INET Trading Workstation. In addition, members can also trade via numerous alternative Independent System Vendors(ISV’s) or through their own in-house system via an open API. For assistance, traders may also contact our multinational financial marketplace services.