Ferrous Products

Nasdaq Commodities is committed to offer trading and clearing of a full range of global Ferrous Products. Today you can trade financial Futures and Options Contracts for the three product groups Steel, Iron ore and Coking Coal:

  • Continuous trading in the electronic trading system from 08.00 to 19.00 CET
  • Trading and clearing of block and EFP/EFS trades from 07:00 until 19.00 CET

The Ferrous Products Offering

Nasdaq offers trading and clearing of Financial Futures and Options Contracts for Steel, Iron ore and Coking Coal.

  • The Iron Ore Contract is settled against the TSI Index 62% Iron Ore CFR China
  • The Steel Contract is settled against the TSI Index US Domestic Shredded Scrap Steel


We offer trading and clearing of Ferrous Futures Contracts with daily mark-to-market settlement in the trading period and a spot referenced expiration settlement. Profits and losses are realized on a daily basis and cash settled.


We offer Option Contracts with delivery of Future for 62% Iron Ore. An option gives the right to buy or sell an underlying contract at a predetermined price at a predefined date in the future. Options, combined with futures, offer valuable strategies for managing the risk associated with commodities trading.

Coking Coal

  • Coking Coal Futures Contracts are settled against The Steel Index (TSI) Premium hard coking coal, FOB East Cost Australia Port

Product Specification 


US Shredded Scrap Steel

  • The Futures Contract is settled against the TSI US Shredded Steel Scrap Index

USSH Product Specification


Hot Rolled Coil

US Hot Rolled Coil

  • The Futures contract is settled against The Steel Index (TSI) US domestic hot rolled coil, FOB Midwest mill

USHRC Product Specification

ASEAN Hot Rolled Coil

  • The Futures contract is settled against The Steel Index Hot Rolled Coil, ASEAN imports, CFR Singapore port

ASEHRC Product Specification

Advantages of Trading and Clearing at Nasdaq

  • Global product offering
  • One of the fastest and most functionally complete multi-asset trading systems in the world
  • Cost efficiency and low latency
  • Easy access through wide range of membership models
  • Flexible membership structure



  • Integrated platform for all products
  • EMIR Compliant clearing house
  • Transparency
  • Seamless operations
  • Effective risk management
  • Nasdaq Clearing removes counterparty credit risk
  • Netting and margin offsets between all markets


Nasdaq Clearing is the contractual counterparty in all contracts traded at Nasdaq Commodites' financial market. Clearing guarantees the financial settlement. The daily settlement is automatic, and members are connected to the settlement system through a variety of multinational settlement banks. Read more >>