Listing With Nasdaq

Listing Services

Nasdaq Listing Services segment includes both U.S. and European listing services businesses. We offer capital raising solutions to over 3,400 companies around the globe representing over $8.5 trillion in total market value as of July 30, 2014.

We operate a variety of listing platforms around the world to provide multiple global capital raising solutions for private and public companies. Our main listing markets are The Nasdaq Stock Market and the exchanges that comprise Nasdaq Nordic and Nasdaq Baltic. We offer a consolidated global listing application to companies to enable them to apply for listing on The Nasdaq Stock Market and the exchanges that comprise Nasdaq Nordic and Nasdaq Baltic, as well as Nasdaq Dubai.


U.S. Listings

Companies listed on The Nasdaq Stock Market represent a diverse array of industries including, among others, health care, consumer products, telecommunication services, information technology, financial services, industrials and energy.

Companies seeking to list securities on The Nasdaq Stock Market must meet minimum listing requirements, including specified financial and corporate governance criteria. Once listed, companies must meet continued listing standards. The Nasdaq Stock Market currently has three listing tiers: The Nasdaq Global Select Market, The Nasdaq Global Market and The Nasdaq Capital Market. All three market tiers maintain rigorous listing and corporate governance standards (both initial and ongoing).

Of the 2,958 listed securities on The Nasdaq Stock Market as of September 26, 2014, there are:

  • 1,658 listings on The Nasdaq Global Select Market
  • 642 listings on The Nasdaq Global Market
  • 659 on The Nasdaq Capital Market

New Listings

Nasdaq aggressively pursues new listings from companies, including those undergoing IPOs as well as companies seeking to switch from alternative exchanges. In 2013, The Nasdaq Stock Market attracted 239 new listings. Included in these listings were 126 IPOs, 52 % of U.S. IPOs in 2013. The new listings were comprised of the following:

Of the 239 total New Listings on The Nasdaq Stock Market, there were:

  • 31 Switches from NYSE Group
  • 126 IPOs
  • 39 Upgrades from OTC
  • 43 ETFs, Structured Products and Other Listings

In 2013, a total of 31 NYSE Group-listed companies switched to The Nasdaq Stock Market, representing approximately $66 billion in market capitalization, including VimpelCom, Marriott International and Amdocs Limited. In addition, American Airlines Group, a newly formed company from the merger of AMR Corporation and US Airways Group, Inc., listed on Nasdaq.               


European Listings

We also offer listings on the exchanges that comprise Nasdaq Nordic and Nasdaq Baltic. For smaller companies and growth companies, we offer access to the financial markets through the Nasdaq First North alternative marketplaces. As of December 31, 2013, a total of 758 companies listed securities on our Nordic and Baltic exchanges and Nasdaq First North.

Our European listing customers include companies, funds and governments. Customers issue securities in the form of cash equities, depository receipts, warrants, ETFs, convertibles, rights, options, bonds or fixed-income related products. In 2013, a total of 34 new companies were listed on our Nordic and Baltic exchanges and NasdaqFirst North.