Build Your Brand

Nasdaq offers the tools and talent to build your brand into a hot commodity. Stay on the shareholder radar by leveraging our unique and dynamic visibility channels. Help your company increase exposure and brand notoriety.

MarketSite TowerNasdaq MarketSite

Located in the heart of New York City in Times Square, this 7-story, 24/7 illuminated high-tech electronic display, wraps around the cylindrical Nasdaq building, providing up-to-the-minute financial news, market highlights, and advertisements. Everyday brands utilize our tower to get their message out to the nearly 1.6 million people that go through Times Square each and every day.

The MarketSite Tower is featured in films, television programming, and news articles. Furthermore, through our alliance with Reuters, our “Times Square2” defines the ultimate consumer outdoor media experience by running advertising on both the Nasdaq Tower and the Reuters Sign, bridging together the entire south side of Times Square.

Take it to the streets with Times Square takeovers that are sure to make an impact. Whether it’s holding an outdoor concert, letting the public test out a product or sending a team of people to pass out giveaways, Nasdaq organizes all aspects of these grand scale events. 

Market Open

MarketSite Events

Leverage our Times Square MarketSite location to promote your company at a Market Open, Market Close, or Special Event. The New York City location provides tremendous opportunity for a company to promote its brand and gain new customers.

Transmitting more than 175 live market updates, MarketSite also hosts some of the world’s largest leading financial networks, including CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Business Week TV, The TV,, Nightly Business Report TV and BBC. On-site broadcast staff and journalists help to showcase companies to the millions of viewers that tune in worldwide.

CEO Signature SeriesCEO Signature Series

Connect with the global investor community through the Nasdaq CEO Signature Series, a high-profile webcast interview hosted at the Nasdaq MarketSite, or internationally, for companies at road show events. Investors are hungry for insight that moves beyond the numbers.

A face-to-face interview with a veteran financial journalist demonstrates the character and integrity of a company’s decision-makers like no earnings report ever can. Discuss vision, strategies and new initiatives in a format that puts companies front and center with US institutional and retail investors