European Markets

Nasdaq is one of the largest, most liquid and efficient cash equity market in Europe. A listing on Nasdaq provides maximum access and visibility to global and local investors. With our world-leading exchange technology, high liquidity and best execution, our market is an efficient place to trade. For small growth companies as well as large established companies, Nasdaq offers a unique and attractive market.

Our Markets

A listing on Nasdaq can be either on the main market or on our growth market, First North. The main market is regulated and follows EU directives and is suited to companies that can adhere to the highest standards for reporting, transparency and accountability. First North has less extensive reporting requirements and is a starting place for smaller companies to reach the capital markets, to grow and to work towards a listing on the main market.

Meet Marie Parck, Listings and Capital Markets, Nasdaq, talking about our markets and listing opportunities. Learn more about listings and the benefits of going public.

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