Benefits of Being a Listed Company on NASDAQ OMX

Eligibility for Inclusion in Key Primary European Indexes

Companies listed on Nasdaq are all eligible for inclusion in our indexes, a key showcase for institutional investors. The Stockholm 30 Index (OMXS30) is amongst the top four most traded blue chip indexes in Europe.

Greater Liquidity and Valuations

With our world-leading exchange technology, high liquidity and best execution, our market is a more efficient place to trade. On Nasdaq, the spreads between bid and ask prices are narrower than the other major exchanges in Europe. This is the case for blue chips as well as small cap companies. Trades will grow, investor costs will decrease and your shareholders will benefit from minimal risk of price volatility.

Nasdaq offers a unique and attractive alternative for companies to become global players. Through our listings, companies get access to investors worldwide, superior trading efficiency and increased global visibility. If you are contemplating a secondary listing, Nasdaq can help your company gain coverage by analysts. Inclusion in indexes means your company will trade alongside peers in sectors where Nasdaq is exceptionally strong, among them Forestry, Fashion, Machinery, IT, Industrials, Mining and Biotech.

One Marketplace

Nasdaq offers a single marketplace for equities, warrants, fixed income and ETFs.
The Nasdaq marketplace in Europe is structured and operated uniformly at all points of entry.

  • All shares are traded on a single platform under harmonized market and trading rules.
  • One trading and clearing solution.
  • Centralized trading surveillance across all market entry points.
  • All companies are classified by market capitalization and sector through Global Industry Classification (GICS).
  • One index policy, where all companies are eligible for inclusion, regardless of country of origin.


Trade on the World’s Fastest Trading Platform

Nasdaq offers superior trading efficiency, high stock market liquidity and best execution.
ForNasdaq listed shares we offer the best prices, 90% of the trading day, and have lower spreads than our competitors.

Trading on Nasdaq is powered by Genium INET, the fastest trading technology in the world. Read more about Nasdaq Technology

Where Are Your Peers?

Nasdaq is among the largest listing venue in Europe in sectors such as Forestry, Fashion, Machinery, IT, Industrials, Mining and Biotech. A listing on Nasdaq gives you visibility to investors and analysts covering your key sector.

Considering a Secondary Listing in Europe?

Globalization and the impact of cross border investment has increased rapidly during the past ten years. A European dual-listing enables you to mirror your business reach, broaden your investor base and increase visibility and brand awareness. If your stock is already listed on a major exchange, you could qualify for a Fast Track listing, which takes only 1-3 months to complete. Read more »