Listing Forms

Please find below, all necessary forms and other relevant documents related to listings and issuer specific matters on Nasdaq Nordic.

Please note that the harmonized Nordic forms are set out below under the heading “General forms”. For specific local forms, please refer to relevant exchange and thereto adherent documentation.

General Forms

First North Equities

Applications and Agreements

In order to join First North or become a Certified Adviser (CA), applications have to be signed and submitted to the Exchange.

All forms that are included in the application for a new listing on First North shall go through the Nasdaq Listing Center. Other application forms can be found below.


Appendix A - Application CA

Liite A - Hakemus Hyväksytyksi Neuvonantajaksi


Liite B - Hakemus Yhtiölle


Appendix C - Agreement Between CA and Company

Liite C - Hyväksytyn Neuvonantajan ja Yhtiön välinen sopimus


Liite D - Uusi yhtiö kaupankäynnin kohteeksi


Appendix E - New or Changes in Contact


Liite E - Uudet yhteyshenkilöt ja yhteyshenkilömuutokset


Liite F - ICB-toimialaluokitus


Appendix G - Disclaimer

Liite G - Hallituksen vastuulausunto ja First North vastuuvapauslauseke


Appendix H - Acceptance Form for the Use of Personal Data


Liite H - Henkilötietolomake


Appendix K - Application for trading on First North Premier


Liite K - Hakemus Yhtiölle First North Premier


Company Logo Authorization Form




Yhtiöesitteen tarkistuslista


Ansvarsförsäkran från Styrelsen


Information to the Market

The Company shall notify the Certified Adviser in respect of main changes, new interim shares, equity rights and other similar events using the templates presented below. The Certified Adviser is responsible for notifying the Exchange which undertakes to disseminate the information to the market. The templates below should be completed by the Certified Adviser and submitted to First North, as soon as possible, not later than five days in advance when it regards listing of a new trading instrument.


Delisting Company


Delisting BTA


Name Change of Company


Change of Certified Adviser


ICB Appeal


ISIN Change


New Equity Right for Trading


Trading in TR and BTA


Trading in UR and BTU



Last Day of Trading Option Right



Below retains the Companys insider register rules for First North companies.


Insider Register First North

Bolagets insiderregister


Nasdaq Stockholm - Stockholmsbörsen

Nasdaq Iceland - Kauphöll Íslands