New Listings

There are many reasons why you should select Nasdaq as your listing venue. We are proud to discuss our tradition of innovation and efficiency, the power and versatility of our offering, and the genuine value that we can offer.


Technology plays a key role in ensuring the growth and reliability of financial markets. At Nasdaq, we are committed to innovation through technology to provide the best possible trading experience for our customers and investors.

Electronic trading is emulated by every electronic equities exchange in the world, making the world’s capital markets move faster, more efficiently and more transparently. That’s why our global platform is the fastest on the planet and can handle more than 1M messages per second at sub-80 microsecond average speeds. We are the largest single liquidity pool for US equities and power 1 in 10 of the world’s securities transactions.

Emulated Market Model

With the floor model now embracing Nasdaq’s market maker model and investors moving to electronic venues, companies are evaluating how exchanges support their listing. Nasdaq’s model is built on competing market makers leveraging the most efficient trading platform in the world with oversight from our internal MarketWatch and external regulator FINRA.

Nasdaq is committed to not only the constant improvement of its market model, but also to providing companies with the tools that they need to be successful.

Market Intelligence and Support

In addition to our network, Nasdaq ensures that every listing receives a hands-on, expert physical contact. The Nasdaq Market Intelligence Desk (MID) consists of a team of market professional working with leading-edge technology to keep you on top of the market. The MID is a single source for up-to-the-minute market intelligence, trading analysis and real-time information, sector performance data and market trends.

Higher Value at a Lower Cost

The exchange you list on is a decision that could provide substantial cost savings. At Nasdaq we’re proud to support your growth and we don’t believe you should be fiscally penalized for it. That’s why we’re committed to keeping fees low and the quality of our offerings high.

More than $520 billion in global market capitalization from a wide variety of sectors have switched to Nasdaq in the last 5 years to take advantage of all our exchange has to offer, including lower listing fees now and long-term.