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NASDAQ OMX Resolves U.S. Options Data Issue 

New York, 10 January 2014

At approximately 11:42:43 a.m. ET, NASDAQ OMX experienced an issue processing OPRA data that affects one of the exchange group’s three U.S. options markets, NASDAQ Options Market (NOM), for trading in symbols A-M. We have worked diligently to restore normal operations and trading has resumed in those symbols since 12:00:00 p.m. ET.

The reliability of our market systems is essential to our ability to provide a fair and efficient trading environment for our clients and other market participants. We have committed our full resources to identify the root cause of this U.S. options data issue was a NOM hardware fail-over related to inbound OPRA quote data from other U.S. options exchanges in symbols A through M. All systems are operating normally.