Profit and Loss Scandinavia, in Copenhagen September 16, 2015

All types of FX market participants face dramatic change throughout the FX market. Banks, active trading firms, hedge funds, real money, corporates and brokers need to consider how their business models need to evolve in order for them to remain compliant and viable in the new regulatory landscape.

Nasdaq is platinum sponsor of the Profit and Loss Forex Network in Copenhagen on September 16th. Please come along to meet our FX team at our stand in the exhibition hall, and find out how the Nasdaq FX toolkit can help you survive and thrive in the new FX landscape.

Listen to David Holcombe, Nasdaq's Head of FX

David will be on The “O” Word panel at this event, looking into the reality of operational risk in the context of the fall-out from this year’s SNB shock, and discussing how the regulators’ desire to reform the market is still creating opportunities as well as challenges for incumbent market participants as well as new entrants to the world of FX.







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The Profit & Loss Interview
View from the asset management industry


Panel 1: Mind the Gap: Liquidity and Market Making in Scandinavian Markets Liquidity conditions in Scandinavian FX markets continue to be a challenge for customers seeking to hedge larger risk. What tools and services are available to help them and what should their bank providers be focusing upon? What are the challenges making markets in these currencies? What role does last look play? Does it deepen liquidity or help provide a false picture of it?


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Panel 2: The Value Proposition: What do Customers Want from Their Banks?
Customer service is often touted as a differentiator by service providers everywhere, but what do customers really want? What technology helps and what confuses? What is the value of pre-trade transparency and analytics and are some customers being hurt by a reluctance to advise on the part of banks?


The Profit & Loss Interview: Where Now?
Banks have been fined, individuals dismissed and waivers issued, but still the conduct issue dominates thinking in FX circles. What happens next and what are the legal complications facing the industry?




Panel 3: The “O” Word
Operational risk has been one of the biggest issues in foreign exchange markets as institutions have struggled to overcome challenges in the form of misconduct and market dislocation on January 15. What can institutions do to minimise operational risk and what are the areas most in need of attention? From an industry perspective, how is the changing infrastructure of the market playing out and is the industry ready for the operational challenges of the future?


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Panel 4: P&L Insight Session: An Algorithmic Future?
Algorithmic execution strategies have been available for several years but take up remains sporadic. Why is this and what role can algos play in enhancing and modernising the best execution policies of corporate treasuries and asset manager execution desks?


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Panel 5: Divergence: Opportunity or Obstacle?
Scandinavia’s economies face diverse challenges and policy makers’ responses in each nation represent a different approach to solving the challenges from the regional and global economy. What are the opportunities and challenges in each economy and how will what appears to be a significant divergence impact the region’s investors?


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