NASDAQ OMX on the Issues

NASDAQ OMX employs a full staff of Government Relations professionals, Economists and Legal experts to deploy any given issue or public policy challenge anywhere in the world. We have a strong history of working on the issues that affect public companies, having fought alongside our companies on issues such as stock option accounting, SOX 404, H1B Visa Reform, lawsuit reform, taxes and many others.

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Cyber Security

How to ensure that America’s public and private critical infrastructure is protected from criminal, state-sponsored and terrorist factions known to probe corporate and government systems? Nasdaq is engaged on these issues directly and through interaction with the U.S. Chamber, Tech Net, the Business Roundtable and various government agencies.

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Innovation Agenda

Access to Capital, Reduced Friction for Entrepreneurs and Pro-jobs Tax Policy Key to a Robust American Economy.

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Corporate Governance

Nasdaq Supports High Standards and Balancing the Interest of Both Short and Long-Term Shareholders.

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Tax Policy

Nasdaq believes that tax policies, that promote job creation, fair competition and efficient access to capital are both positive for the short and long term health of the U.S. and world economy.

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International Trade Policy

Nasdaq Opposes Protectionism and Supports Opening New Markets.

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Recent Accomplishments

The Dodd-Frank Act

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Recent speeches by Mr. Robert Greifeld, CEO, Nasdaq

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Immigration Reform

Sarbox and Immigration Reform for Jobs

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Decoding the U.S. Jobs Act

Nasdaq hosted a discussion forum on the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) in Dallas, Texas to help educate and support potential companies coming to market.

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Campaign to Fix the Debt

From round-table events to speeches and media interviews, Nasdaq CEO Bob Greifeld has been outspoken on this issue.

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