NASDAQ OMX Nordic Foundation

NASDAQ OMX Nordic Foundation was founded in 2005 and the Foundation was in 2010 complemented with an additional foundation to enable NASDAQ OMX to support the financial markets not only via scientific research. As indicated, the overall purpose is to promote scientific research and other initiatives of the financial markets in Finland, Denmark and Sweden and in the future also other financial markets covered by the NASDAQ OMX corporate group’s activities, providing impetus for increased competence and competitiveness for these financial markets.

NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB, NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S and NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy are operating marketplaces in Sweden and Finland. Admitted companies and members shall comply with the rules adopted by the NASDAQ OMX exchanges. A Disciplinary Committee may, in case of a breach by the member or admitted company of the exchange rules, resolve to fine the member or admitted company. The paid fine is transferred to the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Foundation for the promotion of the foundation’s objective.

NASDAQ OMX Nordic Foundation has a Board of Directors that are responsible for the administration of the Foundation in accordance with its objective. The Nordic Foundation Board has seven members appointed by the Board of Directors of the holding company NASDAQ OMX Nordic Oy. Three of these directors shall have extensive academic experience within the field of financial markets.

Board of Directors

Magnus Billing, Chairman, is Senior Vice President, President of Nasdaq Nordic and responsible for coordinating the Nordic businesses including the exchanges in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius and Jerevan. He is also Head of Nordic Fixed Income and Baltic Markets, and CEO of the Stockholm Exchange. He was previously Chief Legal Counsel and Senior Vice President of NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc., and responsible for legal and market surveillance operations in Europe. Prior to his current role, he was the General Counsel of OMX and led the negotiations around the consolidation of the OMX Nordic Exchanges. Mr. Billing serves on the board of the Federation of European Securities exchanges, FESE. He is a member of the Nasdaq Listing Committee and serves as director of the Board of Directors of Swedish Institute for Financial Research and Entreprenörskapsforum.

Adam Kostyál, is Senior Vice President of Corporate Client Group Europe. In addition to Nasdaq Nordic Exchanges, he is also responsible for the more than 120 European companies that are either primarily listed or dual listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market in the U.S.

Lauri Rosendahl is Senior Vice President of Global Trading & Market Services for the NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. He is responsible for equity and equity derivatives trading and products at Nasdaq Group in Europe and is also President of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy.

Vesa Puttonen is professor of finance at Aalto University School of Economics (formerly Helsinki School of Economics). His areas of expertise include risk management, derivatives, mutual funds and behavioral finance. He is a faculty member of MBA Programs in Helsinki, Singapore, Poland, China, Taiwan and Korea. Puttonen is a board member at Oras Invest, Rocla, and Taaleritehdas Asset Management.

Jonas Niemeyer is Head of the Policy and Analysis Division at the Financial Stablity Department at Sveriges Riksbank. Prior to joining the Riksbank in 2002, he was an Assistant Professor in Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics. His main research interest were in Market Microstructure and Securities market regulation.

Bjørn Sibbern is Senior Vice President of Global Trading & Market Services. He heads the Global Commodities Markets and Broker Services at NASDAQ OMX Group and is President of the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Exchange A/S.

Jesper Lau Hansen worked as lawyer in Copenhagen until he left for academia. In 2003, he was appointed Professor of Financial Market Law and is currently serving as the head of the research centre FOCOFIMA at the University of Copenhagen, where a full CV is available on-line. He is a member of the editorial board of Nordisk Tidskrift for Selskabsret and the Journal of Corporate Law Studies. He has served on various national and European committees as an expert and is from 2011 serving as an academic member of the ESMA Stakeholder Group.