Global Data Services

Nasdaq market data solutions empower marketplaces to fully leverage vital market data assets to attract investors and maintain competitive advantage. Our data dissemination technology is superior and, with decades of success in the industry, we have the deep knowledge and finely honed processes in place to support all aspects of the market data business.

Marketplaces can leverage the sales, administrative, technical and brand strength of Nasdaq to efficiently and cost effectively develop and distribute superior data feeds and products at a fraction of the cost of doing it on their own. Our services are flexible and customizable and are available to marketplaces globally and at all levels of development and support.

Start-ups, for example, may want to increase regional or global exposure of their data to drive additional liquidity to their marketplace. Exchanges with established offerings may wish to grow existing customers, reach previously untapped audiences or expand globally through the use of web-based data products, for example.

Every marketplace is unique, and we creatively apply our wide range of development, advisory and technology expertise to meet a marketplace’s specific business goals. Through its extensive network of channel distributors, Nasdaq provides content to millions of participants in the world’s global financial markets.