Nasdaq comprehensive trading solutions support everything from traditional equities and fixed income instruments to more complex derivatives in one integrated system, and can simultaneously handle several asset classes, such as currencies, different fixed income instruments and commodities.

Our pre-trade risk management service offers marketplaces proven, integrated risk control. Existing Genium INET trading and X-stream customers can add the pre-trade risk management function without changing protocols for market access.

We pioneered the world’s first integrated derivatives trading and clearing system and continue to set new standards in exchange trading technology. Examples of features include:

  • Sub-40 microsecond latency
  • Capacity greater than one million quotes per second
  • Seamless integration to clearing
  • Multi-asset class trading on a single platform
  • Robust functionality

Our proven delivery methodology ensures delivery on-time, on-target and ready-to-launch.

Our solutions:

Genium INET trading: Leveraging proven, market leading INET technology and scalable to the highest levels of trading, the Genium INET trading platform is designed to be one of the fastest and most functionally complete multi-asset trading systems in the world. Genium INET excels at meeting the needs of marketplaces with broad and diversified businesses and very high volumes.

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X-stream Trading: Rich in functionality across the widest set of asset classes available, X-stream Trading is the proven multi-asset trading solution that combines exceptional performance with exceptional adaptability. With two distinct service models that are designed to integrate as a marketplace develops, X-stream Trading is the ideal solution for marketplaces that expect their requirements to expand and that need to effectively manage costs.

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Marketplace for Hire: Offered as a service and powered by standard setting INET technology, Marketplace for Hire from Nasdaq is a proven multi-market, multi-asset trading solution that is designed to operate in the constantly changing global regulatory environment.

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CONDICO®: The gold standard for energy and commodities trading and clearing, CONDICO combines full functionality with a low total cost of ownership, and is the perfect solution for marketplaces that want to keep technology investments in line with growth.Read more about CONDICO - The gold standard for energy and commodities trading and clearing (761 KB)

Pre-trade risk management: Boasting world-class low latency risk checks, pre-trade risk management from Nasdaq provides real-time pre-trade risk management for marketplaces as an integrated gateway for OUCH, FIX and Nasdaq proprietary protocols. Exchanges can choose to extend the offering as a new value-added service to members.

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