Today’s financial marketplace is more global and interconnected than ever before, with significant growth in information flows, regulatory complexity, new asset classes and evolving technology. This globalization has heightened the cost of trading, competition and driven a need for innovation in growth strategies. With trading at the core of any execution venue, robust cross-asset functionality, flexibility and reliability of a proven electronic trading platform are needed to gain a competitive advantage, continue driving growth and shaping the capital markets of tomorrow, today.

For execution venues of all kinds - from exchanges to inter-dealer brokers platforms to ATS – Nasdaq provides a comprehensive suite trading solutions that can help firms of all sizes achieve their goals and ambitions, no matter how large. As the inventor of the electronic exchange with passion for technology in our DNA, our 40+ years of experience running 26 marketplaces globally and continuous investment in R&D has produced low-latency, functionally rich trading systems that can help venues reliably scale and adapt to changing market conditions.

All of Nasdaq trading solutions support multi-asset trading and risk management -- from salmon futures to vanilla equities and anything in-between – enabling venues to safely execute trades in any asset class, anytime, anywhere. Our technology powers 1 in 10 securities transactions around the world and award-winning matching engines are proven in some of the most challenging market conditions, installed in 55 markets in 47 organizations in 45 countries across 6 continents.

Whether your next move is into exotic derivatives or introducing an innovative cross-border access program, you can be confident that Nasdaq trading solutions can support your business objectives.


Our solutions

Matching & Execution: Genium INET Trading & X-stream INET Trading provide exchanges and inter-dealer brokers the world’s fastest multi-asset matching engines, that are both scalable and reliable to fuel future strategic ambitions of the organization. Get more information about Matching & Execution>

Hosted Trading Infrastructure: Offered as a service and powered by standard-setting INET technology, Marketplace 4 Hire is a multi-market, multi-asset trading solution that offers comprehensive functionality on a resilient, flexible, cost-effective platform. Get more information about Hosting Trading Infrastructure>