Lars Ottersgård

Lars Ottersgård
Executive Vice President, Market Technology

Lars is Executive Vice President and Head of Nasdaq Market Technology, which provides technology solutions and services to the exchange and financial services industry globally. Market Technology consists of: Sales (represents the full capability of Nasdaq to exchanges, clearinghouses and CSD's); Advisory & Training Services (provides professional services and consulting to the exchange and financial services industry); SMARTS (offers leading market surveillance and broker compliance solutions to the exchange and financial industry); and Business Control (an internal function which supports Market Technology in achieving its strategic objectives through financial analysis and planning).

Mr. Ottersgård joined OMX in 2006 as Global Head of Sales for the company's commercial technology business, and has been in his current role with Nasdaq since 2008.

Prior to joining OMX, Mr. Ottersgård held various positions at IBM for twenty years, where he covered the Nordic and European markets, and was most recently a senior executive for strategic outsourcing for the Distribution and Communication industries.