Video Spotlights

Wall Street Women 2013 - Excellence in Leadership

The recipient of the Wall Street Women 2013 Excellence in Leadership Award shares her thoughts on the qualities a leader needs, the importance of collaboration and the best piece of advice she ever received. Watch video

(2m 33 sec)

November 2013


Beyond the Match

Directly from World Exchange Congress, Lars Ottersgård, Head of Market Technology, Nasdaq talks about "beyond the match", discussing how Nasdaq is expanding its core business via technology, data storage solutions, governance tools and business intelligence. (5m 43 sec)

 February 2013


Supporting Customers Beyond the Match: Risk Management, Surveillance and Greater GRC

Direct from the SIFMA Technology Expo, Paul McKeown, VP of Market Technology discusses Nasdaq's surveillance offerings, its acquisition of BWise and some recent international deals.
View the video on the Securities Technology Monitor website » (4m 33sec)

June 2012


Transformational Nature of Technology

Anna Ewing, EVP & CIO discusses the transformational nature of technology at Nasdaq. (2m 11sec)

April 2012


Why Speed is Important

Lars Ottersgård, head of Nasdaq's Market Technology division, talks to Jeremy Grant, editor of FT Trading Room about the importance of speed and technology in the exchange industry. View the video on the FT website » (4m 21sec)

October 2011


Video Interview with AsiaEtrading

Björn Carlson, Vice President of Software Architecture, spoke with AsiaEtrading about the exchange matching engine business in Asia, measuring and monitoring matching engine latency, surveillance, exchange competition and market data dissemination.

View the interview on AsiaEtrading website

October 2011