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Technology Stewardship for your Business

At Nasdaq we are known as much for our innovative technology as our role as a steward of global financial markets. We’ve been introducing new technologies to make the global financial markets more efficient and transparent since launching the industry’s first electronic trading model in 1971.

At our heart, we’re a technology company. Our role is to not only understand your business, but also to continually look for new ideas that can help us creatively apply technology to improve it. Toward that end, we invest in promising new technologies that change the way business is conducted, partner with visionary companies that expand our thinking and reach, and are passionate about operational excellence -- continuing our long track record of dependable, reliable, standard-setting performance.

We are not just financial types that sell technology. We’re market-savvy technologists that know first-hand the business challenges technology is supposed to solve.

Take a closer look at how Nasdaq technology supports your business: