Maintaining Market Integrity Today and in the Future

Markets change and grow and require diligent oversight. Just as the speed and complexity of trading has increased, so has the burden on regulators. Regulators today need to be able to monitor across multiple markets and asset classes in real-time and have the flexibility to constantly adjust as new regulations go into effect.

The challenge is more than just the trades. There has been an explosion in corresponding data. With each firm and each exchange come new and often duplicative data requirements. The ability to integrate the sheer volume of data with surveillance technology is a major challenge.

Nasdaq market surveillance, market supervision and compliance solutions provide regulators with real-time control and the ability to maintain market integrity. Robust monitoring and analysis tools effectively and efficiently monitor billions of trading messages in real-time or historically. Powerful visualization tools simplify the monitoring process and provide clear guidance to potential abuse scenarios. Groundbreaking cross-market and cross-asset capabilities enable a single consolidated view of trading data across any number of markets and asset classes.

Our surveillance solutions are installed in more than 35 national exchanges and regulators and more than 60 market participants across 55 markets.