We Invented Electronic Trading Over 40 Years Ago

Electronic trading is trusted and emulated by every electronic equities exchange in the world, making the world's capital markets move faster, more efficiently and more transparently.

The Nasdaq Stock Market (Nasdaq) trades more U.S. equities than any other U.S. exchange. As an automatic execution venue, Nasdaq increases your speed of execution, ensuring your quote updates and orders are processed nearly instantaneously. Nasdaq is renowned for its high performance INET technology and has proven reliability with 99.99 % uptime. Firms count on Nasdaq for unsurpassed speed and tested capacity to execute trades quickly and efficiently. In addition, Nasdaq’s value-added products and services provide the complete package for your U.S. equity trading.

The Nasdaq Nordic exchanges –  comprised of exchanges in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Iceland – provide listing, trading, clearing of securities, market data and information services. We offer ease of access to more than 80 percent of the exchange trading in the Nordic countries. Our platform allows the exchanges to share the same trading system which enables efficient cross-border trading and settlement, cross membership, and one source for Nordic market data.



Nasdaq's strength lies within its trading models, unparalleled portfolio of products and services to fit all business models and trading styles and participation of global market participants. Competition and efficiency require constant evolution, so Nasdaq continually enhances the tools you need to trade well.

Market Data

Nasdaq offers its customers direct access to real-time data feeds, web-based reports and plug-and-play technology for instant access to market data.


Nasdaq specializes in providing full-scale, premium index services and helping to expand the trading and investment landscape with new opportunities in ETFs, ETNs, futures, options, and other instruments.