Index Services, Index Products & Licensing

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Nasdaq is home to some of the most widely-watched indexes in the world that serve as trading and benchmark barometers of the global economy and the basis of more than 8,100 financial instruments. Our innovative, diverse index portfolio spans geographies and asset classes, built upon transparent, rules-based methodologies. In addition, we work closely with a diverse client base to offer comprehensive index services: design, calculation, administration, licensing, research, global visibility, data distribution and exchange-traded product (ETP) listing opportunities.


Index Licensing

We are proud to partner with a wide range of financial institutions, asset managers and institutional investors worldwide to bring ETPs, options, futures, structured products and other investment and derivative instruments to market. Our leading index calculation and design services, client-focused approach and cutting-edge technology provide extensive opportunities for product sponsors. Nasdaq indexes are

  • One of the largest providers of dividend indexes in the world, based on benchmarked assets
  • The basis of more than 9,000 structured products worldwide
  • Launched 43 ETPs in 2013 alone.


Index Services

  • Index Calculation. Nasdaq leverages its world-class technology to calculate more than 25,000 indexes real-time and end-of-day in price return and total return variations. We offer third-party calculation services for select organizations.
  • Index Data Dissemination. Financial professionals, investors and researchers rely on Nasdaq’s fast, reliable technology to track market movements, conduct detailed benchmark performance analysis as well as receive essential data about underlying index components.
  • We offer real-time index and ETF valuation data through the Global Index Data Service (GIDS) product. In addition to real-time values for Nasdaq and third-party indexes, it offers intra-day portfolio values for Nasdaq-listed ETFs.
  • The Global Index Watch (GIW) product reports advance notice of corporate actions, historical values, as well as essential composition and weightings data.
  • Custom Index Solutions. Nasdaq provides comprehensive custom index services to financial advisors, asset management firms, product issuers and other financial institutions. Our design services allow firms to tailor an existing Nasdaq index or create a unique index to meet specific investment objectives or strategies.
  • Index Administration. Index administration requires daily review and maintenance to ensure the integrity of all the indexes. In particular, our global team tracks corporate actions daily to determine potential component or share changes and offsetting divisor adjustments.