Nordic Fixed Income Market Data


Nordic Fixed Income products contain real-time market data from trading in instruments on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen, Helsinki, Iceland and Stockholm exchanges.


  • Government bonds, mortgage bonds, corporate and premium bonds;
  • Nordic mutual funds;
  • derived information;
  • fixings;
  • indicative bid and ask quotes; and
  • reference data including daily turnover statistics, company disclosures and listing details

Products Features

  • Data for more than 5,000 listed bonds, providing investors with essential information regarding the Nordic fixed income market.
  • Choose between Fixed Income TotalView for complete market-by-order transparency or Fixed Income Level 2 with market-by-level for up to five levels of bid/asks.  
  • Provides company disclosures

Access Options

Via Market Data Vendors: Firms and individual investors and traders may access real-time data through a number of authorized NASDAQ OMX market data vendors, who provide both display devices and data feed products containing NASDAQ OMX real-time data.

Directly from NASDAQ OMX: Trading firms and market data vendors may access real-time data from Nordic and Baltic markets by connecting to GENIUM Consolidated Feed information distribution system or the Genium INET trading platform via OMnet API

Price List

Service Level/Details Distributor Fee
(per month)
Subscriber Fee
(per month)

Nordic Fixed Income TotalView

Real-time trade & market-by-order and pre-trade transparency, reference data, indicative pricing, clearing information and statistics.
Include all Nasdaq Nordic listed bonds, fixed income derivatives, as well as interest rate fixings and mortgage rates.

Including the dissemination of market-by-order messages for tradable markets.

€ 3,000 1 € 61

Nordic Fixed Income Level 2

5 Levels where applicable. 

An alternative to Nordic Fixed Income Totalview, the difference being that it is limited to market-by-level and excludes order participants for Swedish and Danish automated fixed income markets.

€ 3,000 1 € 56

Nordic Internal Distributor –

Internal Use Only

Right to receive a real-time data feed containing Nordic Equity, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Commodities Information for internal distribution only.

Internal € 500 Subscriber Fees based upon the products received.

Nordic Fixed Income Basic Data – Members Only

Right to unlimited internal use of all Nordic Fixed Income Basic data. Also include limited external distribution restricted to activities related to member reporting and servicing retail customers.

€ 2,920 N/A

Nordic Fixed Income Fixings

The Nordic Fixed Income Fixing product include all data content from the two Genium INET markets; ‘STO Fixing’ and ‘CPH Fixing’ including. This includes STIBOR, CIBOR, and CITA benchmark fixings; SEK Swap and DKK Swap fixings and more

€1.000 3


Nordic Fixed Income Fixings Enterprise License for Internal Distribution

Right to internal distribution and derived data use.

Bank - Country license:


Bank - Global license:





1. 50% discount for fixed income members of Nasdaq Nordic Exchange
2. For each inquiry about price information for a single ISIN Code, real-time Information is offered.
3. Fee not applicable for distributors already paying the Nordic Fixed Income Distributor fee.