TotalView: Stock Market Data with 20x Liquidity of Level 2


The Must-Have Tool for Successful Investors

For investors, information is the name of the game. The better the info, the better your performance can be. With Nasdaq TotalView, our premier data product, you'll benefit from a one-of-a-kind look at indispensible information.

With TotalView you get:

  • Access to deep market data you can't get anywhere else
  • All participants' buy and sell orders at multiple price levels
  • Anonymous order interest submitted to Nasdaq
  • Critical order imbalance information ahead of both market open and close

TotalView vs. Level 2

  • TotalView displays 20 x the liquidity of Level 2
  • See every price at every price level on Nasdaq
  • TotalView is the only complete view of Nasdaq

Net Order Imbalance Indicator (NOII): Invaluable Market Insight

  • Nasdaq crossed 687.9 million shares representing $9.5 billion in the Nasdaq Closing Cross in 1.15 seconds during the 2012 Russell Reconstitution.
  • Opening, closing and IPO data is imperative to trading decisions.

Rely on Data From the Most Liquid U.S. Market*

  • The Nasdaq Stock Market® (Nasdaq) has more liquidity than any other U.S.Exchange, providing you the deepest view of the equity markets.

  • TotalView displays all quotes and orders for Nasdaq-, NYSE-and regional-listed securities on Nasdaq.

*As of 12/14/2012