Nasdaq Baltic

Nasdaq Baltic Market is a cross-national Baltic securities market, which is comprised of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Stock Exchanges and Centrals Securities Depositories (CSDs).

The core idea of the Baltic Market is to facilitate cross-border trading and attract more investments to the region. All three Baltic markets use the same trading platform Genium INET, that enables members of Nasdaq Baltic freely operate in any of the Baltic market, have harmonized trading rules and common trading practices. Nasdaq Baltic Stock Exchanges provide listing services for public companies and electronic trading of equities, bonds and investment fund units. Baltic Fund Center is a comparative support system for investment funds’ performance.

Central Securities Depositories render services to all securities market participants and perform the following functions: conduct general accounting of securities, perform safe-custody of securities, open and operate securities accounts, execute securities transfer operations, organize and handle clearing and settlement for securities trading, manage corporate actions, etc. Estonian CSD maintains the main register of the state Estonian Central Register of Securities which administers share registers of all joint stock companies operating and all securities and pension accounts opened in Estonia. The register also includes other electronic securities (shares of private limited companies, bonds, etc.) and securities transactions history. Latvian Central Depository administers Latvian publicly issued securities central register and the state funded pension, i.e. the second pillar of the pension system since January, 2003.