Nasdaq Baltic Membership

Focus on Baltics

Economies of the Baltic states have experienced stable growth along with a gradual recovery in these countries’ securities markets after several years of economic downturn. Trading on either of the three Baltic exchanges represents an attractive investment opportunity.

Attractive Membership

Nasdaq Baltic membership benefits

  • A simple application process
  • One membership fee
  • Easy access to all three Baltic markets and investment products
  • Simplified Financial Supervisory Authority notification procedure
  • Harmonized and efficient Guarantee Fund structure on the Baltic level 

Efficient cross-border trading and settlement

  • Single trading and clearing currency for shares - Euro
  • Common trading systems, INET and Genium INET
  • Identical trading day structure
  • Harmonized market practices and rules
  • Harmonized post-trading settlement services in any of the Baltic Central Security Depositories

One market information source

  • Common securities lists
  • Common indexes
  • One market data package

Business Opportunities

  • Auction Access. Access to the government securities auctions in Lithuania and Latvia.
  • One CSD. Securities registered by the Latvian, Estonian, or Lithuanian Central Securities Depositories (CSD) can be transferred to - and kept by - any of the Baltic Depositories. Cross-border trading settlements allow members to deal with only one depository linked to the home exchange.
  • No Additional Technical Costs. All Nasdaq Nordic and Baltic exchanges share the same trading system. No additional technical costs or installments are necessary when trading on the Baltic exchanges.
  • Access to Eight Exchanges. Traders admitted to trade on the Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki or  Iceland do not need to pass a separate exam to trade on the Baltic exchanges and vice versa.