Nasdaq Oslo ASA (former Nord Pool ASA) monitors the trading activities in the commodity derivative markets and conduct investigations of possible breaches on laws and regulations.

In order for any market to prosper and grow one needs to have confidence in the pricing mechanisms, in the transparency of price relevant information and in the integrity of the market.

The Nordic power market has an international reputation for being the most developed and well-functioning electricity market in the world in relation to size, liquidity and transparency.

Market Surveillance has an important role in establishing and maintaining this confidence and integrity by having a strong and visible presence in the market.

Market Surveillance continuously monitors the market conduct of trading participants, and investigates possible breaches of the trading rules or applicable laws.

Essentially Market Surveillance is looking for any matters related to the market participants’ business in the markets that are likely to have a substantial impact on the prices.

All information acquired in investigations and cases handled by Market Surveillance are treated as strictly confidential and only authorised personnel has access to the department’s premises.