Seafood Derivatives

Nasdaq offers clearing of salmon derivatives traded on the third party exchange, Fish Pool ASA. The clearing services can be accessed by all Nasdaq Financials and Commodities Markets.The salmon derivatives are in compliance with the current regulatory requirements and settled against the Fish Pool IndexTM for fresh Superior Atlantic Salmon, head on gutted. Contract Specifications can be found in the Legal Framework, Appendix 2A and to access the trading screen go to the web pages of Fish Pool ASA

The Salmon Market

The salmon market is industrialized, well analyzed and volatile. Salmon is a part of the global trends of shifting pricing mechanisms on high quality proteins. We have the industry players onboard, and farmers, exporters, processors and retailers are using our products for hedging. We offer the same unique products and investment opprotunities to the global financial segments trading protein or salmon equities, and for those that specialize in virgin markets.

Nasdaq Salmon Index

The Nasdaq Salmon Index (NQSALMON) is a commodity benchmark index reflecting the weekly spot price of salmon in the European Seafood market. The NQSALMON is used as a reference price for salmon principals trading spot and forward contracts. It also serves as the underlying  spot index in the financial market for salmon derivatives. Finally, it serves as an important tool for salmon market analysts and scholars. Nasdaq is committed to deliver a high quality Benchmark Index, offering transparency and predictability in the seafood market.

For weekly NQSALMON reports, historical data and reporting procedures go to Nasdaq Salmon Index >>



  • Fresh Atlantic Superior Salmon, Head On Gutted (HOG)
  • Weight Classes 1-2 kg, 2-3 kg, 3-4 kg, 4-5 kg, 5-6 kg, 6-7 kg, 7-8 kg and 9 + kg

Weekly Benchmarking (NOK/Kg)

  • the volume weighted average price across weight classes (Index Value)
  • volume weighted average price per weight class from 1 to 9+
  • the % distribution per weight class

Input Data

The index is calculated based on actual physical transactions reported to Nasdaq by a panel of Norwegian salmon exporters and salmon producers with export license, representative for the total export out of Norway. Prices are reported in Norwegian kroner (NOK) and calculated FCA Oslo by adjusting the invoice price for transportation costs and import/export duty.  Nasdaq gives public access to a historical database containing all published index data.

Annual Summary