Nasdaq Stock Market

The Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ) trades more U.S. equities than any other U.S. exchange. As an automatic execution venue, Nasdaq increases your speed of execution, ensuring your quote updates and orders are processed nearly instantaneously. Nasdaq is renowned for its high performance INET technology and has proven reliability with 99.99 % uptime. Firms count on Nasdaq for unsurpassed speed and tested capacity to execute trades quickly and efficiently. In addition, Nasdaq's value-added products and services provide the complete package for your U.S. equity trading.


Market Tiers

The Nasdaq Stock Market is comprised of three market tiers:

  • The Nasdaq Global Select Market
  • The Nasdaq Global Market (formerly the Nasdaq National Market)
  • The Nasdaq Capital Market (formerly the Nasdaq SmallCap Market)

For a company to trade on the Nasdaq Stock Market, it must meet the listing requirements of at least one of three market tiers. Certain listing requirements include meeting specified minimum thresholds for the number of publicly traded shares, total market value, stock price, and number of shareholders.

Fore more information, visit the Nasdaq Listing Center


Market Methodology

Nasdaq features a price/time priority model where the execution logic is fair and transparent for all market participants. All displayed limit orders are treated equally and executed in the order in which they were received at the same price. Non-displayed shares are executed after displayed shares in the order in which they were received at that price. Nasdaq offers popular orders and functionality such as Minimum Quantity, Mid-Point Peg and Post Only orders, Self Match Prevention and Order Modify functionality, a robust suite of innovative routing strategies and our award-winning opening and closing crosses.


Market Share Statistics - Equities

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