About NLX

London-Based Trading Venue

Nasdaq NLX is a pioneering market for interest rate derivatives, and the only exchange that allows participants to trade and clear both the short and long end of the curve.

By providing execution across the curve, NLX can also generate significant capital and operational efficiencies for its participants, aided by its strong and lengthy relationship with LCH, the leading clearing house for interest rate derivatives. 

How does this help you?

As the first venue to offer offsets between interest rate futures and OTC swaps at LCH, NLX can deliver unmatched potential margin savings, and the reassurance of proven risk management, based off LCH’s VaR methodology for margin calculations, and PAIRS clearing model.

As we build out our service offering, the efficiencies you benefit from will increase. We keep things simple. Our fees are straightforward and transparent – and we don’t upcharge for market data or connectivity. Connecting to NLX is quick and easy too.

As we look forward, the growth of our business will continue to be fuelled by our relationships, which include six of the top 10 sell-side firms, by CFTC segregated funds ranking. Four globally supported independent software vendors (ISVs) and 11 pre-and post-trade connectivity providers including Ffastfill, Trading Technologies, Fidessa, Bloomberg, FIS (formerly SunGard) and ION are connected to us, as well as 10 leading trading and market data ISVs.

With our reputation for technological superiority, a heritage of innovation and connectivity to the most important market infrastructure providers, NLX is poised to offer a growing range of unmatched efficiencies to interest rate derivatives participants in the years’ ahead.


  • NLX lets you trade and clear the full range of short and long interest rate futures at one venue.
  • NLX enables simplified execution of a broad range of hedge, strategy and contingent trades, and supports registration of both Central Order Book (COB) and off order book trades on the same platform.
  • Because NLX products are cleared through a single clearing house, they offer much greater potential margin and capital efficiencies.
  • NLX is built on Nasdaq infrastructure, which powers one in every 10 transactions worldwide, and leverages the expertise and knowledge of tried and tested partners to create an efficient, robust and flexible market. Click below to view the NLX market infographic.