We move quickly to ensure that you receive the benefits of trading with and clearing through Nasdaq NLX as soon as possible. That means going live in days not months  and a guaranteed response to your completed forms within a week.

To get started, simply fill in the forms below and send them back. Then leave the rest to us.

Participation Documents

NLX has two categories of participants, Non-Clearing Participant (NCP) and General Clearing Participant (GCP). All participants are required to complete the NLX Application Form and the NLX Participant Agreement.


The NLX Application Form


The NLX Participant Agreement


Scan and email to

Sign and send two copies to:
Onboarding Department
Nasdaq NLX
Woolgate Exchange
25 Basinghall Street

NLX will then perform a number of compliance and internal set-up procedures. Once these are complete both copies will be signed and one will be returned to the participant.

Non-regulated participants will need to fill out an additional form, please email for further information.


In order to trade on NLX as a participant you are required to:


Register at least one FIX session, preferably two for redundancy, using the NLX FIX Production Report Request Form and email a scanned copy to



Register at least one Individual Trading Representative (ITR):
The owner of an ITR is the person responsible for all the execution that flows through it. In order to set up ITRs fill out the NLX Trading Representative Registration Form and email it to



Decide Environment





  • Arrange for network connectivity to our market infrastructure.
  • Register at least one ITCH or FIX market data port.


Proprietary software


  • Arrange for network connectivity to our market infrastructure.
  • Register at least one ITCH or FIX market data port.
  • Participants will have to pass a Participant Entrance Test in our Test Environment before they will be certified to trade.


NLX is available in all Meet Me rooms in both of our datacenters:

  • Primary: Equinix LD4 in Slough
  • Failover: Interxion Hanbury Street in London


Connectivity Providers

We are on-net with a number of connectivity providers. Connectivity providers can rapidly connect to NLX if not already listed.

Company Key Contact Email Phone
AboveNet Janesh Mistry +44 20 7220 4353
Atrium Galina Mayuchaya +44 20 3194 2530
Born Technology Sara Jean Goodman +1 312 977 1470
Colt Technology Services Janet Floate +44 7507 795 977
Fixnetix Sales +44 20 3008 8990
GuavaTech Michael Pappas +1 312 604 4300
IP-Only Dennis Soderstrom +46 18 843 1039
Options IT Sales +44 20 7070 5000
Savvis Alicia VanDeVeer +1 630 229 8724
TNSI John Owens +44 20 7336 1526
Verizon Ulf Harlin +46 856 61 71 57


FIX Sessions

FIX sessions can be:

  • Reference and market data by price level
  • Order Entry and execution information
  • Drop copy

To apply for them you need to fill out the NLX FIX Production Port Request Form  for each FIX port required, make sure an ITR signs it and send it to

ITCH and Auxiliary Market Data (AMD)

ITCH and AMD Sessions contain market data by order level. To apply for them you should fill out the NLX ITCH and AMD Production Port Request Form , make sure an ITR signs it and send it to

Market Data

If you plan to receive market data directly from NLX then you are required to sign the Global Data Agreement if you have not done so already for any of the other NASDAQ OMX markets.

For all market data requests (AMD, ITCH, FIX and Glimpse) the Nasdaq Datafeed Request Form needs to be filled out and sent to

Any queries should be sent to



GCMs who are existing members of LCH.Clearnet are required to complete the LCH.Clearnet Clearing Addendum.

Please contact:

Clearing Members

  • ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V.

  • Banco Santander SA

  • Citigroup Global Markets Ltd

  • ED&F Man Capital Markets Limited

  • G H Financials Limited

  • Marex Financial Limited

  • Merrill Lynch International

  • Newedge UK Financial Limited

  • Nomura International plc

  • The Royal Bank of Scotland plc

  • UBS Limited

If you are not already a member of LCH.Clearnet then please contact their membership department directly: or Tel: +44 20 7426 7949.

Execution Software

Writing to NLX

We have a test environment for all development against our market. To request FIX and ITCH/AMD sessions then, similar to production, please fill out the following forms:

We have full specifications for our protocols:

Approved ISVs

The following ISVs have written to our market:

Data ISVs Email Phone
Bloomberg +44 20 7330 7930
CQG +1 312 939 3930
Thomson Reuters  +46 8 700 1093


Execution Vendors Email Phone
CQG +1 312 939 3930
FFastFill +44 20 3002 1922
Fidessa +44 20 7105 1000
ION Trading +44 20 7398 0200
Object Trading +44 800 028 4121
ORC +44 20 7942 0950
RTS +44 20 7861 0700
Stellar Trading +44 20 7664 6450
Trading Technologies +44 20 7621 8181


If you are an ISV and are looking to write to our market then you need to sign our Supplier Access Terms: please email for further information.

Block Trade Registration Form

Below document facilitates participants without the necessary technical connectivity through their ISV to enter block trades into the Trade Registration Facility, can do so by completing the form and emailing to the NLX Market Operations Team: