Portfolio Margining

Capital and operational efficiencies

Nasdaq NLX has a unique partnership with LCH, the industry’s leading clearing house for interest rate derivatives. This allows you to clear all the trades executed at NLX directly with LCH, providing maximum opportunity for margin offsets and much-increased operational efficiency.

As our model is in marked contrast to legacy exchanges, where vertical monopolies limit choice and competition, we offer both the short and long end of the futures markets, allowing you to trade and clear all your rates contracts through one trading venue.

Products traded on Nasdaq NLX are margined using an innovative VaR methodology and LCH’s PAIRS model, which replaced the aged SPAN approach used by some legacy platforms. As a result, you are benefiting from a more efficient system for margin calculation and a more robust approach to risk management across your entire interest rate portfolio.

But it’s not just increased margin efficiencies that separates us from the pack. We offer quick and straightforward onboarding and competitive fees with no hidden market data or connectivity charges. We’re also integrated with four globally supported clearing ISVs and 11 pre-and post-trade connectivity providers, as well as 10 leading trading and market data ISVs.

All this means that when you trade and clear with NLX, you benefit from unmatched capital and operational efficiencies.

There’s never been a better time to take advantage of our one-stop trading and clearing platform for interest rate derivatives. Please contact the NLX Sales Team today on 44 (0) 20 3753 2107 or to find out more.