Corporate Actions Stockholm - Changes to the List


Number of companies on the Nasdaq Stockholm: 325 (Excl. external list 3 )

(As of June 15, 2018 )

New companies 2018

Company name First day of trading Note
Immunicum AB January 15
From First North Premier
LeoVegas AB February 5 From First North Premier
Bygghemma Group First AB March 27 IPO
Immunovia AB April 3 From First North Premier
Railcare Group April 3 From Aktietorget
Nilörngruppen AB April 4 From First North Premier
Stendörren Fastigheter AB April 10 From First North Premier
NCAB Group AB June 5 IPO
International Petroleum Corporation June 8 From First North Premier
Better Collective A/S June 8 IPO
Arion Banki hf June 15 IPO. Dual listed in Nasdaq Iceland

Delisted companies 2018

Company name Last day of trading


Avega Group AB January 3 Due to public offer
Melker Schörling AB January 19 Due to public offer
Arcam AB January 26 Due to public offer
Nordax group AB April 24 Mandatory offer


Company name changes 2018

Company From New Name Ticker Code Note



Number of companies on the Nasdaq Stockholm: 322 (Incl. external list 3 )

(As of December 12, 2017 )

New companies 2017

Company name First day of trading Note
AQ Group AB (publ) January 16 From Aktietorget
Oncopeptides AB (publ) February 22 IPO
MIPS AB (publ) March 23 IPO
Ambea AB (publ) March 31 IPO
Christian Berner Tech Trade AB (publ) March 31 From First North Premier
SSM Holding AB (publ) April 6 IPO
Actic Group AB (publ) April 7 IPO
FM Mattsson Mora Group AB (publ) April 10 IPO
Instalco Intressenter AB May 11 IPO
Munters Group AB (publ) May 19 IPO
Medicover AB (publ) May 23 IPO
Boozt AB (publ) May 31 IPO
Evolution Gaming Group AB (publ) June 7 From First North Premier
Essity Aktiebolag (publ) June15 Spin off from SCA
Saniona AB (publ) June 15 From First North Premier
Momentum Group AB June 21 Spin off from B&B Tools AB
Catena Media Plc September 4 From First North Premier
Starbreeze AB October 2 From First North Premier
Balco Group AB October 6 IPO
Handicare Group AB October 10 IPO
Bio Arctic AB October 12 IPO
Cherry AB October 18 From Aktietorget
Ferronordic Machines AB October 27 From First North Premier
Zeta Display AB December 4 From First North Premier
Arjo AB December 12 Spinn off from Getinge AB


Delisted companies 2017

Company name Last day of trading


Nordnet AB (publ) February 2 Due to public offer
Transcom Worldwide AB (publ) April 10 Due to public offer
DGC One AB August 4 Due to public offer
Nordic Mines AB September 7 Decision from the Disciplinary Committee


Company name changes 2017

Company From New Name Ticker Code Note
Munksjö Oyj April 3 Ahlstrom-Munskjö Oyj AM1S/AM1  
Trigon Agri A/S April 25 Agromino A/S AGRO  
Beijer Electronics AB (publ) May 18 Bejer Electronics Group AB (publ) BELE  
East Capital Explorer AB(publ) June 2 Eastnine AB (publ) EAST  
Intellecta AB (publ) October 27 ICTA AB (publ) ICTA  



Number of companies on the Nasdaq Stockholm: 300 (Incl. external list:3 )

(As of December 19, 2016 )

New companies 2016

Company name First day of trading Note
MedCap AB February 25 From First North Premier
GARO AB March 16 IPO
AddLife AB March 16 Spin off from Addtech AB
Humana AB March 22 IPO
Resurs Holding AB April 29 IPO
Wilson Therapeutics AB May 12 IPO
NGS Group AB May 27 From NGM
Bonava AB June 9 Spin off from NCC
Nordic Waterproofing Holding A/S June 10 IPO
TF Bank AB June 14 IPO
AcadeMedia AB June 15 IPO
Internationella Engelska Skolan i Sverige Holdings II AB September 29 IPO
Ahlsell AB October 28 IPO
Alligator Bioscience AB November 23 IPO
Serneke Group AB November 24 IPO
Xvivo Perfusion AB November 28 From First North Premier
Volati AB November 30 From First North Premier
Mr Green & Co AB November 30 IPO
Edgeware AB December 9 IPO
B3IT Management AB December 14 From First North Premier
Catella AB December 19 From First North Premier


Delisted companies 2016

Company name Last day of trading


PA Resources AB January 15 On request of the company
Shelton Petroelum AB February 4 Delisted after decision of the Disciplinary Committee
Proffice AB February 19 Due to public offer
Tribona AB February 22 Due to public offer
Allenex AB June 8 Due to public offer
NSP Holding AB July 20 Due to public offer
Meda AB August 23 Due to public offer
IFS AB October 7 Due to public offer


Company name changes 2016

Company From New Name Ticker Code Note
Bufab Holding AB February 29 Bufab AB BUFAB  
Karo Bio AB March 23 Karo Pharma AB KARO  
TeliaSonera April 18 Telia Company AB TELIA  
Opcon AB April 19 Trention AB TRENT  
Novestra AB May 12 Strax AB STRAX  
eWork Scandinavia AB May 13 eWork Group AB EWRK  
Investment AB Kinnevik June 3 Kinnevik AB KINV  
NAXS Nordic Access Buyout Fund AB July 5 NAXS AB NAXS  



Number of companies on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm: 287 (Incl. external list: 3)

(As of December 30, 2015)

New companies 2015

Company name First day of trading Note
Eolus Vind AB February 2 From First North
Eltel AB February 6 IPO
Dustin Group AB February 13 IPO
Hoist Finance AB March 25 IPO
Oscar Properties Holding AB March 26 From First North
Troax Group AB March 27 IPO
Tobii AB April 24 IPO
D. Carnegie & Co AB May 12 From First North
Sportamore AB May 18 From First North
Invisio Communications AB May 29 From First North
Collector AB June 10 IPO
Coor Service Management Holding AB June 16 IPO
Nordax Group AB June 17 IPO
Alimak Group AB June 17 IPO
Pandox Aktiebolag June 18 IPO
Nobina AB June 18 IPO
Oriflame Hodling AG June 23 Offer to the shareholders of Oriflame Cosmetics S.A
Capio AB June 30 IPO
CLX Communications AB October 8 IPO
Bravida Holding AB October 16 IPO
Hansa Medical AB November 2 From First North
Dometic Group AB November 25 IPO
Attendo AB November 30 IPO
Scandic Hotels Group AB December 2 IPO
Camurus AB December 3 IPO
Wise Group AB December 16 From First North
Hextatronic Group AB December 18 From First North


Delisted companies 2015

Company name Last day of trading


Sanitec Oy Februrary 27

Due to public offer

Aspiro AB April 2 Due to public offer
Oriflame Cosmetics S.A July 2 Requested by the company
Aerocrine AB July 13 Due to public offer
Partnertech AB July 17 Due to public offer
Geveko AB September 15  
Transmode AB September 11 Due to public offer
Hemtex AB October 23 Due to public offer
Cybercom AB December 30 Due to public offer


Company name changes 2015


Company From New Name Ticker Code Note
CDON Group AB 2015-01-12 Qliro Group AB QLIRO  
Rederi AB Transatlantic 2015-04-22 Viking Supply Ships AB VSSAB  



Number of companies on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm: 269 (Incl. external list: 3)

(As of December 22, 2014)


New companies 2014


1st day
for trading

Bufab Holding AB February 21 IPO
Hemfosa Fastigheter AB March 21 IPO
Recipharm AB April 3 IPO
Lucara Diamond Corp. May 23

Secondary listing,

From First North

G5 Entertainment AB June 10 From Aktietorget
Episurf Medical AB June 11 From First North
Besqab AB June 12 IPO
Com Hem Holding AB June 17 IPO
Bactiguard Holding AB June 19 IPO
NGEx Resources Inc June 19 Secondary listing
Fenix Outdoor International AG June 26 Public offer to shareholders in Fenix Outdoor AB
Scandi Standard AB June 27 IPO
Africa Oil Corp. July 1

Secondary listing

From First North

Inwido AB September 26 IPO
Gränges AB October 10 IPO
Lifco AB November 21 IPO
Thule Group AB November 26 IPO
NP3 Fastigheter AB December 4 IPO
Munskjö Oyj December 8 Dual listed in Nasdaq Helsinki
C-RAD December 16 From First North
Lundin Gold Inc. December 19 Secondary listed


Delisted companies 2014
(for transfers, see above)

Company Last day for trading Note
Scania AB June 5 Requested by the company
Availo AB July 4 Requested by the company
Fenix Outdoor AB July 4 Requested by the company
Cision AB August 22 Due to public offer from Blue Canyon Holdings AB
Connecta AB August 22 Due to public offer from Acando AB
Readsoft AB October 3 Due to public offer from Lexmark International Technology S.A.
ACAP Invest AB November 26 Due to public offer from North Investment Group AB
Rörvik Timber AB December 19 Due to public offer from Gunvor Group Ltd


Company name changes 2014

Company From New Name Ticker code Note
Phonera AB 2014-03-25 Availo AB AVAILO  
G & L Beijer AB 2014-05-19 Beijer Ref AB BEIJ B  
Micronic Mydata AB 2014-06-02 Mycronic AB MYCR  
FinnvedenBulten AB 2014-09-02 Bulten AB BULTEN  



Number of companies on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm: 253 (December 16)
External list: 3 (December 16)


New companies 2013


1st day
for trading

Neurovive Pharmaceutical AB April 10 From Aktietorget
Tethys Oil AB May 2 From First North
Tribona AB May 21 From Oslo Börs
Opus Group AB July 2 From First North
Platzer Fastigheter Holding AB November 29 IPO
Creades AB December 6 From First North
Victoria Park AB December 9 From First North
Sanitec Oyj December 10 IPO


Delisted companies 2013
(for transfers, see above)

Company Last day for trading Note
Morphic Technologies AB  January 25

The company made a spin-off of Cellimpact, and a reversed takeover of Amasten Holding AB, both to be listed on First North.

A-Com AB  January 31 Requested by the company
Coastal Contacts Inc February 28 Requested by the company
Sigma AB May 21 Due to public offer from Danir
Luxonen S.A July 5 Requested by the company, to First North Stockholm
Mertiva AB July 26 Requested by the company
Artimplant AB August 2 Bankruptcy
Höganäs AB October 18 Requested by the company
Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc. November 29 Requested by the company
Alliance Oil Company Ltd December 16 Requested by the company


Company name changes 2013

Company From New Name Ticker code Note
Diamyd Medical AB May 6 Mertiva AB MERT  
Hakon Invest AB May 27 ICA Gruppen AB ICA  
Arise Windpower AB June 12 Arise AB ARISE  
Moberg Derma AB May 28 Moberg Pharma MOB Unchanged ticker code
Rejlerkoncernen AB July 19 Rejlers AB REJL B Unchanged ticker code
EpiCept Corporation August 21 Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc IMNP  



Changes to the Lists 2012

Number of companies on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm: 255 (December 20) 
External list: 3 (December 20)

New companies 2012

Company1st day of tradingListNote  
Seamless Distribution ABJune 13 From First North
Arcam ABJune 18 From NGM
Black Pearl Resources IncNovember 6 Secondary listing
Endomines ABNovember 7 From First North
Shelton PetroleumNovember 19 From NGM
Arctic Paper S.ADecember 20 Secondary listing

Delisted companies 2012
(for transfers, see above)

CompanyLast day for tradingListNote
Seco Tools ABMarch 2 Requested by the company due to public offer from Sandvik AB
Orc Group ABMarch 9 Requested by the company due to public offer from Cidron Delfi Intressenter AB
PSI Group ASAMarch 16 Requested by the company
Metro International S.AMay 31 Requested by the company du to public offer from Investment AB Kinnevik
Dagon AB June 8 Requested by the company due to public offer from Klövern AB
Jeeves Information Systems ABJune 21 Requested by the company due to public offer from BV Acquisitions AB
Brinova Fastigheter ABSeptember 21 Requested by the company due to public offer from Backahill Holding AB

Company name changes 2012

CompanyFromNew NameTicker codeNote



Changes to the Lists 2011

Number of companies on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm: 256 (December 27) 
External list: 3 (January 1)

New companies 2011

Company1st day of tradingListNote  
PA Resources ABFeb 1 From secondary to primary listing
Karolinska Development ABApril 15 IPO
Dedicare ABMay 4 Spin off from Poolia AB
FinnvedenBulten ABMay 20 IPO
Moberg Derma ABMay 26 IPO
Transmode Holding ABMay 27 IPO
Millicom International S.AJune 3 From secondary to primary listing
Concentric ABJune 16 Spin off from Haldex AB
Boule Diagnostics ABJune 23 IPO
Vitec Software Group ABJuly 4 From Aktietorget
EpiCept corporationSeptember 5 From secondary to primary listing
Cavotec SAOctober 19 From NZX, New Zealand Stock Exchange
SEMAFO Inc.October 20 Secondary listing, primary listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange
Micro Systemation ABDecember 27 From NGM

Delisted companies 2011
(for transfers, see above)

CompanyLast day for tradingListNote
Biolin Scientific ABFeb 22 Requested by the company due to public offer from Ratos AB
Modul 1 Data ABMar 9 Requested by the company due to public offer from Softronic AB
NovaCast Technologies ABMar 8 Due to bankruptcy
Q-MedMar 25 Requested by the company due to public offer from Galderma Pharma S.A
Netonnet ABApril 1 Requested by the company due to public offer from  Waldir AB
Cardo ABApril 21 Requested by the company due to public offer from ASSA ABLOY AB
SäkI ABJuly 1 Merger with Investment AB Latour
BioPhausia ABJuly 15 Requested by the company due to public offer from Medivir AB
ElektronikGruppen BK AktiebolagSeptember 27 Requested by the company due to public offer from Kamic Electronics AB
Niscayah Group ABOctober 12 Requested by the company due to public offer from Stanley Black & Decker Inc

Company name changes 2011

CompanyFromNew NameTicker codeNote
Midelfart SonessonJan 13MidsonaMSON A & MSON BUnchanged ticker code
MobysonMay 13StjärnaFyrkantSTFY 
IntoiMay 26I.A.R Systems GroupIAR B 
Digital VisionJune 16Image SystemsIS 
LinkMedJune 20AllenexALNX 
Orc SoftwareJuly 15Orc GroupORCUnchanged ticker code



Changes to the Lists 2010

Number of companies on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm:  255 (December 27 2010)
External list: 3 (January 1)

New companies 2010

Company 1st day of trading List Note  
FormPipe Software AB January 19   From First North
eWork Scandinavia AB February 18   From First North
Arise Windpower AB March 24   IPO
Enquest plc April 6   Secondary listing
CellaVision AB May 31   From First North
Byggmax Group AB June 2   IPO
NAXS Nordic Access Buyout Fund AB June 7  

From First North

MQ Holding AB June 18   IPO
Odd Molly International AB June 21   From First North
Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB June 24   From NGM
Etrion Corporation November 12   Secondary listing
Trigon Agri A/S December 8   From First North
CDON Group AB December 15   Spin off from Modern Times Group AB
Avega Group AB December 16   From First North

Delisted companies 2010
(for transfers, see above)

Company Last day for trading List Note
Skanditek AB January 19   Requested by the company due to merger with Bure Equity AB.  
Affärsstrategerna AB January 29   Requested by the company due to public offer from Strategisk
Holding AB.
Ticket Travel Group AB April 9   Requested by the company due to public offer from Braganza AS.  
Ledstiernan AB May 14   Requested by the company due to public offer from Thuban AB.  
Neonet AB June 7   Requested by the company due to public offer from Orc Software AB  
Oxigene Inc June 30   Requested by the company  
LBI International AB July 26   Requested by the company due to merger between
LBI International AB and Obtineo Netherlands Holding N.V.
Tricorona AB August 20   Requested by the company due to public offer from Barclays PLC  
AcadeMedia AB September 10   Requested by the company due to public offer from
Providence Education International AB and
Svensk Utbildning Intressenter Holding AB
HL Display AB September 17   Requested by the company due to public offer from Ratos AB  
Borås Wäfveri AB November 3   Due to bankruptcy  
HQ AB November 26   Requested by the company  
Tilgin AB December 15   Requested by the company. Trading as from December 16 on First North  
Munters AB December 23   Requested by the company due to public offer from Cidron Intressenter AB  

Company name changes 2010

Company From New Name Ticker code Note
 Biovitrum AB  June 24  Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB  SOBI  



Changes to the Lists 2009

Number of companies on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm,  255 (November 9)
External list: 3 (January 1)

New companies 2009

Company1st day of tradingListNote
Net Entertainment NE AB13/1 From NGM
Cloetta AB16/2 From First North
Electra Gruppen AB1/6 From First North
Alltele Allmänna Svenska Telefonaktiebolaget15/6 From First North
Black Earth Farming Ltd22/6 From First North
Corem Property Group AB24/6 From NGM
Coastal Contacts Inc9/11 Secondary listing (main listing on Toronto Stock Exchange)

Delisted companies 2009
(for transfers, see above)

CompanyLast day for tradingListNote
Scribona AB15/1 Requested by the company. Trading in Scribona AB has moved to First North 
Fazer Konfektyr Service AB23/1  Requested by the company 
Peab Industri AB30/1 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Peab AB 
Vostok Gas Ltd.30/1 Requested by the company due to the distribution of the company´s holdings in Gazprom  
Broström AB27/2 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by A.P Møller - Mærsk A/S 
Teleca AB2/3 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Symphony Technology Group LLC 
IBS AB8/5 Requested by the company. IBS AB will be traded on First North from May 11, 2009 
Home Properties AB8/5 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Home Invest AB 
Lawson Software Inc.29/5 Requested by the company. Lawson Software Inc. will be traded on First North from June 1, 2009 
AudioDev AB17/6  Delisted by the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm due to that the company has been granted a bancruptcy petition.  
Brio AB26/6 Requested by the company 
Carl Lamm Holding AB30/6 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Ricoh Europe Holdings PLC 
Nilörngruppen AB30/6 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by AB Traction 
Technology Nexus AB25/9 Requested by the company 
Din Bostad Sverige AB29/9 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Fastighets AB Balder 

Company name changes 2009

CompanyFromNew NameTicker codeNote
Wedins AB16/2Venue Retail Group ABVRG BNew ticker code
Tietoenator Oyj30/4Tieto OyjTIENUnchanged ticker code
Lennart Wallenstam Byggnadsaktiebolag15/5Wallenstam ABWALL BUnchanged ticker code
SSAB Svenskt Stål AB ser. A & B20/5SSAB ABSSAB A/SSAB BUnchanged ticker code
West Siberian Resources Ltd.8/6Alliance Oil CompanyAOIL SDBNew ticker code



Changes to the Lists 2008

Number of companies on the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm,  263 (December 29)
External list: 3 (July 1)

New companies 2008

Company1st day of tradingListNote
Nordic Service Partners Holding AB15/1 From First North
Morphic Technologies AB4/3 From First North
Hexpol AB9/6 Spinn off from Hexagon AB 
Swedol AB12/6 From First North
DGC One AB16/6 IPO
Carl Lamm Holding AB26/6 Recapitalisation of Carl lamm AB
ITAB Shop Concept AB8/7 From First North
Nordic Mines AB18/7 From First North
PSI Group ASA26/8 Secondary listing
Global Health Partner AB3/10 From AIM
Loomis AB9/12 Spinn off from Securitas AB

Delisted companies 2008
(for transfers, see above)

CompanyLast day for tradingListNote
AB Lindex18/1-Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Stockmann Sverige AB
Karolin Machine Tool AB1/2 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Nordstjernan Ventures Investment AB
Gant Company AB20/3 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Procastor SA
Boss Media Group AB18/4 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by GEMed AB
Telelogic AB25/4 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Watchtower
OMX AB2/5 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Bourse Dubai
SwitchCore AB2/5 Requested by the company
Nobel Biocare Holding AB9/5 Requested by the company
XPonCard Group AB19/6 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Oberthur Technologies S.A.
Logica Plc30/6Xternal list 
Human Care HC AB1/8 Requested by the company. Trading in Human Care HC AB moved to First North 
Securitas Direct AB15/8 Requested by the company 
Carl Lamm AB15/8 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Carl Lamm Holding AB 
Zodiak Television AB15/8 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Agostini Communications S.p.A 
CashGuard AB ser. B21/8 Requested by the company due to merger with PSI Group ASA 

Gunnebo Industrier AB


Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Segulah Stellata Holding AB

Thalamus Networks AB6/10 Requested by the company. Trading in Thalamus Networks AB moved to First North 
Svithoid Tankers AB14/10 Delisted by the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm due to that the company has been granted a bancruptcy petition. 
Teligent AB4/11 Delisted by the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm due to that the company has been granted a bancruptcy petition. 
Kaupthing Bank9/12 Requested by the company due to financial reconstruction 
Ballingslöv International AB12/12 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Stena Adactum 
Tanganyika Oil Company Ltd.23/12 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Sinopec International 
D. Carnegie & Co AB23/12 Requested by the company 
Peab Industri AB30/1 - 2009 Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Peab AB 

Company name changes 2008

CompanyFromNew NameTicker codeNote
AB Havsfrun 30/1 Havsfrun Investment ABHAV B 
Avanza AB 5/5Avanza Bank Holding ABAZA 
Ångpanneföreningen AB12/5ÅF ABAF BNew ticker code
Securitas Systems AB13/5Niscayah Group ABNISC BNew ticker code
Westergyllen AB15/5Elos ABELOS BNew ticker code
Nocom AB 26/8Intoi ABINTONew ticker code 
Cloetta Fazer ser. B 17/12Fazer Konfektyr Service ABFKS BNew ticker code





Changes to the Lists 2007

Number of companies on the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm,  274 (December 31)
External list: 4

New companies 2007 [Delisted companies] [Company name changes]

Company1st day of tradingListNote
Tanganyika Oil Company Ltd14/2 From First North
NovaCast Technologies AB11/4 From NGM
Björn Borg AB7/5 From First North
Nederman Holding AB16/5 IPO
West Siberian Resources Ltd.23/5 From First North
Nokia4/6XXternal list
Aerocrine AB15/6 IPO
Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd4/7 Equity carve out from Vostok Gas
Old Mutal plc10/9xXternal list
Peab Industrier AB1/10 Spinn off from Peab AB
Sagax, AB8/10 From First North
Systemair AB12/10 IPO
HMS Networks AB19/10 IPO
East Capital Explorer AB9/11 IPO
Duni AB14/11 IPO

Delisted companies 2007
(for transfers, see above)

CompanyLast day for tradingListNote
Protect Data AB12/2-Acquired by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd
Pergo AB30/3-Acquired by Pfleiderer Sweden AB
Sardus AB27/4-Acquired by Atria Koncern Abp
Nokia SDR1/6-On request of the company
24hPoker Holding AB1/6-On request of the company, moving to First North
Invik & Co. AB17/8-Requested by the company due to acquisition by Milestone ehf.
Old Mutual plc7/9-On request from the company. Move to the Xternal list
Nefab AB30/11-Requested by the company due to the aquisition by NPNC intressenter
ScanMining AB7/12-Requested by the company due to insolvency
SalusAnsvar AB14/12-Requested by the company due to the aquisition by DnB NOR Bank ASA
Mandator AB21/12-Requested by the company due to the aquisition by Fujitsu Services Overseas Holdings Ltd.
All Cards Service Center - ACSC AB28/12-Requested by the company due to the aquisition by XPonCard Group AB
AB Lindex18/01 2008-Requested by the company due to the acquisition by Stockmann Sverige AB

Company name changes 2007

CompanyFromNew NameTicker codeNote
Wihl. Sonesson AB22/1Midelfart Sonesson ABMSON A / MSON BNew Shortname
Bergman & Beving AB2/4B & B Tools ABBBTO BNew shortname
Wise Group AB13/4Dagon ABDAGNew Shortname
Observer AB23/4Cision ABCSNNew Shortname
Active Capital AB14/5ACAP Invest ABACAP A/ ACAP BUnchanged Shortname
VBG AB24/5VBG Group ABVBG BUnchanged Shortname
Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd30/5Vostok Gas LtdVGAS SDBNew Shortname
Onetwocom AB31/5Mobyson ABMOBYNew Shortname
LjungbergGruppen AB7/11Atrium Ljungberg ABLJGR BUnchanged shortname


Changes to the Lists 2006

Number of companies on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, the Nordic List, 273, (December 31)
External list: 2

New companies 2006

Company1st day of tradingListNote
EpiCept Corporation11/1OMerger with Maxim
Old Mutual Plc2/2AAcquired Skandia and made a secondary listing
KappAhl Holding AB23/2O 
Gant Company AB28/3O 
Catena AB26/4OSpin-off from Bilia AB
Lawson Software Inc.2/5OAcquired Intentia and made a secondary listing
Diös Fastigheter AB22/5O 
Husqvarna AB13/6OSpin-off from Electrolux AB
PA Resources AB19/6OFrom NGM
Svithoid Tankers AB13/7OFrom Aktietorget
AarhusKarlshamn AB11/9OFrom First North
Biovitrum AB15/9O 
Securitas Systems AB29/9OSpin-off from Securitas AB
Securitas Direct AB29/9OSpin-off from Securitas AB
Carl Lamm AB10/10-Spin-off from Scribona AB
LogicaCMG Plc16/10XXternal list
New Unibet Group Ltd.30/10-Change of domicile
Uniflex AB1/11-From First North
BE Group AB24/11- 
Rezidor Hotel Group AB28/11- 
Lindab International AB1/12- 
Melker Schörling AB6/12-From Fist North
LinkMed AB12/12- 
Tilgin AB15/12- 
Rejlerkoncernen AB18/12-From NGM

Delisted companies 2006
(for transfers, see above)

CompanyLast day for tradingListNote
Optimail AB23/1OAcquired by Posten Norge AS
Resco AB18/4OAcquired by AcandoFrontec AB
Glocalnet AB28/4OAcquired by Telenor ASA
Klippan AB5/5OAcquired by Weland AB
Intentia International AB26/5OAcquired by Lawson Software Inc.
Skandia Försäkrings AB5/6AAcquired by Old Mutual Plc
Powerwave Technologies Inc.9/6OOn request of the company
Strålfors AB16/6OAcquired by Posten AB
Gambro AB19/7AAcquired by Indap AB
LB Icon AB26/7OMerger with Framfab AB
Trio AB11/8OAcquired by Teligent AB
VLT AB25/8OMoved to First North
JC1/9OAcquired by RnB
Biacore International AB6/9OAcquired by GE Healthcare
Unibet Group Plc.27/10-Change of domicile
Närkes Elektriska AB ser. B2/11-Acquired by Segulah
Capio AB17/11-Acquired by APAX and Nordic Capital
WM-data AB ser. B24/11-Acquired by Logica CMG Plc.
MEDICOVER Holding S.A.7/12-Acquired by Celox
Senea AB22/12-Acuired by Kamstrup
AB Custos29/12-Acuired by SPX Corporation

Company name changes 2006

CompanyFromNew NameTicker codeNote
Förvaltnings AB Johnson Pump7/2Custos, ABCUST ANew short name
Sign On AB21/2Wise Group ABWISENew short name
Berg & Co, AB, C F22/3Bergs Timber ABBRG BUnchanged short name
Capona AB25/4Home Properties ABHOPRNew short name
AcandoFrontec AB23/5Acando ABACANNew short name
Daydream Software AB3/724hPoker Holding AB24H BNew short name
Cherryföretagen AB4/7Betsson ABBETS BNew short name
Framfab AB1/8LBI International ABLBINew short name
Föreningssparbanken AB11/9Swedbank ABSWED ANew short name
Viking Telecom AB20/9Phonera ABPHONNew short name
Tripep AB12/10Din Bostad Sverige ABDINNew short name
New Unibet Group Ltd.30/10Unibet Group Plc.UNIB SDBUnchanged short name
Hagströmer & Qviberg AB13/12HQ ABHQNew short name


Changes to the Lists 2005

New companies 2005

Company1st day of tradingListNote
Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB23/5OSpin-off from old Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB name changed to Fabege AB
Connecta AB30/5OFrom Nya Marknaden
Gunnebo Industrier AB14/6OSpin-off from Gunnebo AB
Ratos AB5/7ATransfer from the O-list
Invik & Co. AB1/9OSpin-off from Kinnevik Investment AB
Indutrade AB5/10O 
Hemtex AB6/10O 
TradeDoubler AB8/11O 
Orexo AB9/11O 
Hakon Invest AB8/12O 

Delisted companies 2005
(for transfers, see above)

CompanyLast day for tradingListNote
Song Networks Holding AB10/1OAcquired by TDC A/S
Fabege AB14/1OAcquired by Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB, listed on the O-list
Finnveden AB ser. B18/2AAcquired by Nordic Capital
Gorton Lines AB ser. B21/3OMerger with B&N Nordsjöfrakt AB
I.A.R. Systems AB25/4OAcquired by Nocom AB, listed on the O-list
Ainax AB29/4OAcquired by SCANIA AB, registered on the A-list
North Atlantic Natural Resources AB29/4OAcquired by Lundin Mining Corporation, listed on the O-list
TurnIT AB27/5OAcquired by NOCOM AB, listed on the O-list
Sapa AB17/6OAcquired by Orkla ASA
TV4 AB22/7ATransferred to Nya Marknaden
Tivox AB ser. B25/8OBankruptcy
HQ Fonder AB25/10OMerger with Hagströmer & Qviberg AB
Karlshamns AB11/11OAcquired by BNS Industrier AB
Riddarhyttan Resources AB25/11OAcquired by Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd
Maxim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.30/12OMerger with EpiCept Corporation

Company name changes 2005

CompanyFromNew NameTicker codeNote
Kaupþing Búnaðarbanki hf.15/2Kaupthing Bak hf.KAUP SEKUnchanged short name
B&N Nordsjöfrakt AB30/3Rederi AB TransatlanticRABT BNew short name
Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB13/5Fabege ABFABGNew short name
ITAB Industri AB3/6XANO Industri ABXANONew short name
Sign On i Stockholm AB9/6Sign On ABSIONUnchanged short name
MTV Produktion AB8/7Zodiak Television ABZODINew short name
Johnson Pump AB16/8Förvaltnings AB Johnson PumpJP AUnchanged short name
Enlight AB7/9Fastighets AB BalderBALD BNew short name


Changes to the Lists 2004

New companies 2004

Company 1st day of trading List Note
Oriflame Cosmetics S.A. 24/3 O  
Millicom International Cellular S.A. 30/3 O  
Bostadsaktiebolaget Drott 6/5 O Spin-off from Fabege AB
Netonnet AB 25/5 O From Nya Marknaden
Powerwave Technologies, Inc. 4/6 O Acquired LGP and made a secondary listing
Unibet Group Plc 8/6 O  
NOTE AB 23/6 O  
Ainax AB 1/12 O From Nya Marknaden
Probi AB 2/12 O From NGM
Lundin Mining Corporation 3/12 O From Nya Marknaden

Delisted companies 2004
(for transfers, see above)

Company Last day for trading List Note
Altima AB 12/2 O Acquired by Ramirent Oyj
Dimension AB 20/2 O Acquired by ProAct IT Group AB, listed on the O-list
Graninge AB 20/2 O Acquired by Sydkraft
Pandox AB 20/2 O Acquired by APES Holding
Labs2 Group AB 12/3 O Moved to Nya Marknaden
Rederi AB Gotland 19/3 O On request of the Company
Norsk Hydro ASA SDB 24/3 A On request of the Company
LGP Allgon Holding AB 28/5 O Acquired by Powerwave Technologies, Inc., listed on the O-list
Hoist International AB 16/7 O On request of the Company
Kinnevik, Industriförvaltnings AB 23/7 A On request of the Company
RKS AB 19/8 O Acquired by Sigma AB, listed on the O-list
AB Custos 3/9 O On request of the Company
Bostads AB Drott 1/10 O Acquired by Stena Fastighetsförvaltning AB
Frango AB 22/10 O Acquired by Cognos Inc
Tornet, Fastighets AB 29/10 O Delisted by Stockholm Stock Exchange due to aquisition by LRT Acquisition AB. Traded on Nya Marknaden.

Company name changes 2004

Company From New Name Ticker code Note
Nordea AB 6/2 Nordea Bank AB NDA Unchanged ticker code
Adera AB 23/3 AddNode AB ANOD B New ticker code
Freetel AB 25/3 onetwocom O2C New ticker code
Drott AB 19/4 Fabege AB FABG New ticker code
Cyber Com Consulting Group Scandinavia AB 14/6 Cybercom Group Europe AB CYBE Unchanged ticker code
Tricorona Mineral AB 16/6 Tricorona AB TRIC New ticker code
Enea Data AB 5/7 Enea AB ENEA Unchanged ticker code
Icon Medialab International AB 8/7 LB Icon AB ICON Unchanged ticker code
Drott, Bostadsaktiebolaget 6/8 Bostads AB Drott BDRO Unchanged ticker code
OM HEX AB 9/9 OMX AB OMH Unchanged ticker code
Invik & Co AB 9/9 Kinnevik, Investment AB KINV New ticker code
OMX AB 6/12 OMX AB OMX New ticker code


Changes to the Lists 2003

New companies 2003

Company 1st day of trading List Note
Consilium AB 22/4 O Transfer from the A-list
Pfizer Inc. 5/5 Xternal Unsponsored listing
Human Care HC AB 13/8 O -
Lundin Petroleum AB 2/10 O Transfer from Nya Marknaden
Bilia AB 30/10 O Transfer from the A-list
Brinova Fastigheter AB 20/11 O Spin-off from Peab AB
Altima AB 16/12 O Spin-off from NCC AB

Delisted companies 2003
(for transfers, see above)

Company Last day for trading List Note
Array AB 24/1 O Transfer to Nya Marknaden
JP Nordiska AB 14/3 O Acquired by Kaupthing Bank hf., listed on the O-list
Europolitan Vodafone AB 28/3 O Acquired by Vodafone Group Plc.
Utfors AB 4/4 O Transfer to Nya Marknaden
Pharmacia Corporation 11/4 A Acquired by PfizerInc., traded on the Xternal list
Epsilon AB 17/4 O Acquired by Danir
Allgon AB 14/4 A Acquired by LGP Telecom Holding AB, listed on the på O-list
Netwise AB 23/4 O Transfer to Nya Marknaden
Diffchamb AB 24/4 O Acquired by Raisio Group
Capinordic A/S 25/4 O Withdraws the listing in Sweden
JLT Mobile Computers AB 2/5 O Transfer to Nya Marknaden
Scandiaconsult AB 8/5 A Acquired by Ramböll Gruppen A/S
Svenska Orient Linien AB 6/6 O Acquired by SOL Intressenter
Biora AB 4/7 O Acquired by Straumann Holding AG
Celtica AB 25/7 O Acquired by LjungbergGruppen AB, listed on the på O-list
Perbio Science AB 24/9 O Acquired by Fisher Scientific Intern. Inc.
Mogul AB 14/10 O Acquired by Adera AB, listed on the O-list
The Empire AB 24/10 O On request of the company
Mandamus Fastigheter AB 19/11 O Acquired by LRF Fastigheter/Akelius
Syngenta AG 29/12 A Withdraws the listing in Sweden

Company name changes 2003 [New companies] [Delisted companies]

Company From New Name Ticker code Note
Cell Network AB 19/5 Mandator AB MAND New ticker code
Kaupthing Banki hf. 28/5 Kaupthing Bunardarbanki hf. KAUP Unchanged ticker code
Taurus Petroleum AB 16/6 RaySearch Laboratories AB RAY B New Name and ticker code
Nordic Shoes & Accessories AB 18/6 Wedins Skor & Accessoarer AB WED New ticker code
Frontec AB 18/8 AcandoFrontec AB AFAB New ticker code
OM AB 4/9 OM HEX AB OMH New ticker code
LGP Telecom Holding AB 19/11 LGP Allgon Holding AB LGPA New Name and ticker code
PyroSequencing AB 15/12 Biotage AB BIOT A New Name and ticker code


Changes to the Lists 2002

New companies 2002

Company1st day of tradingListNote
Alfa Laval AB17/5O-list-
Diamyd Medical AB30/5O-list-
Intrum Justitia AB7/6O-list-
Nobia AB19/6O-list-
Ballingslöv AB19/6O-list-
Nobel Biocare Holding AG24/6A-list 
HQ Fonder AB25/6O-listTransferred from the New Market
Sign On i Stockholm AB27/6O-listTransferred from the New Market
Active Capital AB5/11O-listTransferred from the New Market
NCC AB18/11O-listDe-registered from the A-list
Sapa AB26/11O-listDe-registered from the A-list
Axfood AB29/11O-listDe-registered from the A-list
Kaupthing Bank hf.20/12O-list-

Delisted companies 2002 {New companies] [Company name changes]
(for transfers, see above)

CompanyLast day for tradingListNote
Scandinavia Online AB15/1OAcquired by Eniro AB
Dial NXT Group AB16/1OBankruptcy
AssiDomän AB25/1AAcquired by Sveaskog AB
AU-System AB19/2OAcquired by Teleca AB
Kipling Holding AB22/2OAcquired by Dimension AB
Johnson Pump AB28/3OAcquired by TMT One AB
Munksjö AB25/4AAcquired by Smurfit Holdings AB
Intelligent MicroSystems Data AB31/5OAcquired by Martinsson Gruppen
Handelsbanken Hypotek AB pr20/6ODue to redemption
Realia AB26/6OAcquired by Columna AB
Mind AB28/6OOn request of the company
Nobel Biocare AB18/7AOn request of the company, new company Nobel Biocare Holding AG
Printcom AB26/7OOn request of the company
Esselte AB31/7AAcquired by J.W. Childs Acquisition
Pronyx AB15/10OAcquired by Teleca AB
CellPoint Inc. SDB31/10ODid not fulfil listing requirements
Akzo Nobel N.V.31/10AOn request of the company
AvestaPolarit Abp30/12AOn request of the company

Company name changes 2002

CompanyDateNew nameShort name Note
Getinge Industrier AB2/1Getinge ABGETI BNew short name
Time Space Radio AB22/3Printcom ABPCOMNew short name
Fjällräven AB8/5Fenix Outdoor ABFIX BNew short name
C Technologies AB13/5Anoto Group ABANOTNew short name
TMT One AB15/5Industriförvaltnings AB Johnson PumpJP ANew short name Group AB15/5Mogul ABMOGL-
CityMail Group AB31/5OptiMail ABOPTI ANew short name
Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB10/6Wihlborgs Fastigheter ABWIHLTransformation of shares.
New short name
NH Nordiska Holding AB12/6JP Nordiska ABJPNONew short name
Jabo Träprodukter AB17/6Rörvik Timber ABRTIM BNew short name
Adcore AB10/7Klövern ABKLOV ANew short name
Europolitan Holdings AB16/8Europolitan Vodafone ABEUROUnchanged shortname
Framtidsfabriken AB26/9Framfab ABFRAMNew short name
Industriförvaltnings AB Johnson Pump26/9Johnson Pump ABJP AUnchanged short name
MediTeam Dental AB16/10Biolin ABBLINNew short name
Wedins Norden AB24/10Nordic Shoes & Accessories ABNSA BNew short name
ConNova Group AB18/11Labs2 Group ABLABSNew short name
Gandalf AB28/11JLT Mobile Computers ABJLTNew short name
Telia AB9/12TeliaSonera ABTLSNNew short name


Changes to the Lists 2001

New companies 2001

Company1st day of tradingListNote
AvestaPolarit Abp30/1A-
Sensys Traffic AB31/1O-
Metro International S.A.8/2O-
Dimension AB20/2O-
CellPoint Inc.15/3O-
Studsvik AB4/5O-
Carnegie & Co AB D1/6O-
BTS Group AB6/6O-
Aspiro AB6/6OTransferred from New Market
BioInvent International AB12/6O-
Epsilon AB12/6O-
Pergo AB19/6O-
Capinordic A/S21/6O-
rnb Retail and Brands AB26/6O-
Vitrolife AB26/6O-
AcadeMedia AB28/6O-
Addtech AB3/9O-
Lagercrantz Group AB3/9O-
Transcom WorldWide S.A6/9O-
Sigma AB28/9O-
Diffchamb AB19/11O-
Billerud AB20/11O-
Boliden AB5/12OChange from Boliden Ltd
Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB14/12ODeregistred from A-list

Delisted companies 2001
(for transfers, see above)

CompanyLast day for tradingListNote
Alcatel Alsthom Compagnie Générale d´Electricité31/1AOn request of the company
Bulten AB16/2OAcquired by Finnveden AB
Stena Line AB20/2AAcquired by Stena AB
Avesta Sheffield AB23/2AMerger with Outokumpo Steel
Saint-Gobain S.A., Compagnie de28/2AOn request by the company
Segerström & Svensson, AB26/3OAcquired by Sanmina Corp.
Independent Media Group Sweden AB3/5OAcquired by Vision Park Entertainment
Atle AB11/5AAcquired by Ratos AB and 3i Group plc
FB Industri Holding AB25/5OAcquired by Bergman & Beving AB
SAS Sverige AB5/7AAcquired by SAS AB
Scandic Hotels AB6/7AAcquired by Hilton Group PLC
Jacobson & Widmark, AB20/7OAcquired by WSP Group PLC
Perstorp AB20/7AAcquired by Sydsvenska Kemi AB
SPCS-Gruppen ASA26/7OOn request by the company
Platzer Fastigheter AB3/8AAcquired by Ernströmgruppen AB
Lindab AB3/8AAcquired by Lindab Intressenter AB
Jobline International AB10/8OAcquired by TMP Worldwide Inc.
Spendrups AB21/8AAcquired by Spendrups Invest AB
Matteus AB30/8OAcquired by NH Nordiska Holding AB
Alfaskop AB18/9OBankruptcy
Sydkraft AB28/9AAcquired by E.ON Energie AG
Svedala Industri AB28/9AAcquired by Metso ABP
Lundin Oil AB5/10OAcquired by Talisman Energy Inc.
Columna Fastigheter AB12/10ODid not fulfil listing requirements
Nordifagruppen AB26/10OOn request of the company
M2S Sverige AB1/11OBankruptcy
Friluftsbolaget Ekelund & Sagner AB9/11OAcquired by Fjällräven AB
Vision Park Entertainment AB14/11OAcquired by KF Media
Boliden Ltd4/12AChange to Boliden AB
Artema Medical AB14/12OAcquired by Cardiac Science Inc.

Company name changes 2001

CompanyDateNew nameShort name Note
NetCom AB26/1NetCom ABTEL2Short name change only
NetCom AB22/3Tele2 ABTEL2No change in shortname
OM Gruppen AB7/5OM ABOM-
HQ.SE Holding AB14/5HQ.SE Aktiespar ABHQSENo change in shortname
Enlight Interactive AB21/5Enlight ABENLI B-
Graphium AB21/5XPonCard Group ABXPON-
ORESA Ventures S.A.11/6MEDICOVER Holding S.A.MCOV-
Sigma AB12/6Teleca ABTELC B-
Rörvik Timber AB21/6JABO Träprodukter ABJABO B-
Tele1 Europe Holding AB21/6Song Networks Holding ABSONW-
SAS Sverige AB29/6SAS Sverige ABUSASShort name change only
Affärsstrategerna i Sverige AB2/7Affärsstrategerna ABAFFS BNo change in shortname
Observer AB13/8Observer ABOBSShortname change only Transformation of shares
LM Ericsson10/9LM EricssonERICShortname change only
Extended Capital Group ECG AB17/9Freetel ABFTEL-
TeleTrade Financial Services AB20/9Nordnet ABNN-
SälenStjärnan AB1/10SkiStar ABSKIS B-
HQ.SE Aktiespar AB1/10Avanza ABAZA-
Core Ventures AB27/12Netrevelation Holding ABNETR-


Changes to the Lists 2000

New companies

Company1st day of tradingListNote
Geveko AB28/2OTransferred from A-list 
The Empire AB1/3OTransferred from OTC-list 
Micronic Laser Systems AB9/3O- 
Tele1 Europe Holding AB16/3O- 
Pharmacia Corporation3/4A- 
Fingerprint Cards AB19/4OTransferred from New Market 
JC AB19/4O- 
Riddarhyttan Resources AB19/4O- 
TeleTrade Financial Services AB19/4OTransferred from New Market 
Time Space Radio AB27/4O- 
Kipling Holding AB19/5OTransferred from New Market 
Traction AB24/5O- 
Cash Guard AB29/5O- 
Mekonomen AB29/5O- 
Viking Telecom AB30/5O- 
Feelgood Svenska AB5/6O- 
Glocalnet AB5/6OTransferred from New Market 
Scandinavia Online AB7/6O- 
Beijer Electronics AB8/6O- 
Vision Park Entertainment AB8/6O- 
Mind AB13/6O- 
Telia AB13/6A- 
C Technologies AB16/6OTransferred from New Market 
AU-System AB21/6O- 
Novestra AB21/6OTransferred from New Market 
Cherryföretagen AB22/6O- 
Axis AB27/6O- 
PyroSequencing AB30/6O- 
Hagströmer & Qviberg AB3/7O- 
The Empire AB7/7O- 
I.A.R. Systems AB11/7O- 
Tripep AB14/7O- 
Thalamus Networks AB4/9OTransferred from New Market Group com AB11/9OTransferred from New Market 
Jobline International AB15/9O- 
AudioDev AB21/9O- 
Netwise AB28/9O- 
Friluftsbolaget Ekelund & Sagner AB2/10OTransferred from New Market 
Precise Biometrics AB3/10O- 
Eniro AB10/10O- 
Capio AB16/10O- 
ORC Software AB19/10O- 
NeoNet AB20/10O- 
Midway Holding AB1/11OTransferred from A-list 
Custos AB8/11OTransferred from A-list 
Syngenta AG13/11A- 
TMT One AB27/11O- 
Dial NXT Group AB6/12OTransferred from New Market 
Utfors AB11/12OTransferred from New Market 
Öresund, Investment AB18/12OTransferred from A-list 
Daydream Software AB19/12OTransferred from New Market 

Delisted companies
(for transfers, see above)

CompanyLast day for tradingListNote 
Forcenergy Inc.21/1OOn request of the company 
Meto AG11/2OAcquired by Checkpoint Inc. 
N&T Argonaut14/2AAcquired by Simbel 
Emil Lundgren24/2OTCAcquired by GTIE S.A. 
Guide Konsult25/2OAcquired by Framtidsfabriken AB 
Celsius17/3AAcquired by SAAB AB 
Althin Medical21/3OAcquired by Baxter Sweden 
Pharmacia & Upjohn, Inc.31/3AMerger with Monsanto Company 
Måldata4/4OTCAcquired by Sigma AB 
AGA20/4AAcquired by Linde AG 
Fastighets AB Balder26/4OAcquired by Drott AB 
Evidentia Fastigheter26/5AAcquired by Claesson & Anderzen Invest 
Jaakko Pöyry Group Oyj31/5OOn request of the company 
Naturkompaniet31/5OAcquired by Friluftsbolaget 
Cell Network14/6OAcquired by Mandator AB 
Connecta29/6OAcquired by Information Highway AB 
Provobis Hotel & Restauranger29/6OAcquired by Scandic Hotels AB 
Autofill AB13/7ODid not fulfil listing requirements 
BT Industries AB14/7AAcquired by Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd 
Diligentia AB15/8AAcquired by Skandia Liv 
Kjessler & Mannerstråle AB8/9AAcquired by Jacobson & Widmark AB 
Entra Data AB15/9OAcquired by TietoEnator AB 
Piren AB28/9AAcquired by Rodamco N.V 
Folkebolagen AB29/9OAcquired by Lindab AB 
Lifco AB6/10OAcquired by Carl Benett AB 
Trustor AB6/10OListed on Aktietorget from Oct 9, 2000 
Société Européenne de Communication S.A (SEC)3/11OAcquired by Netcom AB 
IRO AB9/11OAcquired by Van de Wiele 
Kalmar Industries AB9/11AAcquired by Partek Oyj 
Gylling Optima Batteries AB13/11OAcquired by Johnson Controls Inc. 
Arete AB17/11OAcquired by TurnIT AB 
Bayer AG30/11AOn request of the company 
Norrporten, Fastighetsab1/12AAcquired by NS Holding AB 
Zeteco AB21/12OAcquired by Partek Oyj Abp 
Diös AB28/12OAcquired by AP Fastigheter AB 

Company name changes

CompanyDateNew nameShort name Note
JM Byggnads- och Fastighetsab.20/1JM ABJMNo change in short name
Graninge AB26/1Graninge ABGRANShort name change only
Dentronic AB1/2Decim ABDECI-
Industriförvaltningsab. Skandigen1/2Skanditek Industriförvaltning ABSTEK-
Nordbanken Holding AB3/2Nordic Baltic Holding (NBH) ABNBHNo change in short name
Gränges AB10/2Sapa ABSAPA-
Mo och Domsjö AB17/2Holmen ABHOLM-
The Empire AB26/4Ledstiernan ABLEDS B-
Sandvik AB11/5Sandvik ABSANDShort name change only, transformation of shares
CityMail Sweden AB18/5CityMail Group ABCITY ANo change in short name
Pandox Hotellfastigheter AB18/5Pandox ABPANDNo change in short name
Lap Power Holding AB22/5Extended Capital Group ECG ABECG-
Hemköpskedjan AB29/5Axfood ABAXFO-
Medi Team Dentalutveckling i Göteborg AB31/5MediTeam Dental ABMEDTNo change in short name
Arkivator AB31/5LGP Telecom Holding ABLGP-
Array Printers AB31/5Array ABARRA BNo change in short name
Hagströmer & Qviberg AB2/6HQ.SE Holding ABHQSE-
Sifo Group AB6/6Observer ABOBS-
Cloetta AB15/6Cloetta Fazer ABCFA B-
Johnson Pump International AB15/6Johnson Pump ABJP B-
Information Highway AB27/6Adcore ABADCO-
Johnson Pump AB29/6Johnson Pump ABJPShort name change only, transformation of shares
Radio Design TJ AB7/7A Brand New World in Sweden ABABNW B-
C Technologies AB10/7C Technologies ABCTECShort name change only
Mandator AB11/7Cell Network ABCELL-
U.S.P Health Care AB21/7Bringwell International ABBWLNew Shortname
Broström Van Ommeren Shipping AB21/7Broström ABBRO BNo change in short name
Förvaltningsab. Ratos21/7Ratos ABRATO A
DV Sweden AB1/8Digital Vision ABDV-
Cyber Com Consulting Group Scandinavia AB14/8Cyber Com Consulting Group Scandinavia ABCYBEShort name change only, transformation of shares
Custos, AB16/8Custos, ABCUSTShort name change only, transformation of shares
Fastighetspartner NF AB21/9Fast Partner ABFPARNo change in short name
ScanMining-Scandinavian Mining AB21/9ScanMining ABSCMINo change in short name
Tryckindustri Svenska AB23/10Intellecta ABICTA-
Investment AB Bure24/11Bure Equity ABBURENo change in short name
Syngenta AG27/11Syngenta AGSYNShort name change only, transformation of shares
Nordic Baltic Holding AB6/12Nordea ABNDA-


Changes to the Lists 1999

New companies

Company1st day for tradingListNotesCash payment
SEK million
CTT Systems AB1/3O---
Telelogic AB8/3O-91
Know IT AB11/3O---
Malmbergs Elektriska AB12/3OTC-70
Capona AB15/3O---
Forcenergy Inc.23/3OTransferred from the A-list--
AstraZeneca PLC6/4A---
HiQ International AB12/4O-208
Teligent AB12/4O-122
Linné Group AB12/4O-77
Perstorp AB13/4ATransferred from the O-list--
Kungsleden AB14/4O-380
Naturkompaniet AB21/4O-48
Jeeves Information Systems AB21/4O-32
Frango AB23/4O-80
DV Sweden AB28/4O-122
Independent Media Group AB30/4O---
Boliden Limited3/5A---
Modern Times Group MTG AB/3/5O---
Artema Medical AB4/5O---
Sorb Industri AB11/5O-122
RKS AB17/5O-45
ScanMining - Scandinavian Mining AB3/6O---
Net Insight AB7/6O---
Adera AB10/6O-81
ARETE AB15/6O-55
Wilh. Sonesson AB15/6O---
All Cards Service Center - ACSC AB16/6O---
Meto AG17/6O---
ABB Ltd22/6A---
ReadSoft AB22/6O-25
Framtidsfabriken AB23/6O-375
Poolia AB23/6O-141
SPCS-Gruppen ASA28/6OTC---
ProAct IT Group AB1/7O-67
Ticket Travel Group AB1/7ATransferred from the O-list--
Duroc AB2/7O---
Pronyx AB2/7O---
Tietoenator Abp9/7A---
Gränges AB2/9ATransferred from the O-list--
Société Européenne de Communication S.A.2/9O---
Array Printers AB8/9O---
Connecta AB20/9O-299
Clas Ohlson AB5/10O-335
Proffice AB11/10O-378
Enlight Interactive AB12/10O-160
Perbio Science AB18/10O---
A-Com AB4/11O-494
Cyber Com Consulting Group Scandinavia AB1/12O- 
M2S Sverige AB6/12O- 
Q-Med AB6/12O- 
SwitchCore AB6/12O- 
MultiQ International AB7/12O- 

Delisted companies
(for transfers, see above)

CompanyLast day for tradingListNoteCash payment SEK million
Prosolvia AB13/1OBankruptcy--
Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags AB19/1AAcquired by Stora Enso Oyj--
Caran AB19/2OTCAcquired by WM-data540
PLM AB5/3AAcquired by Rexam5 128
Forcenergy Inc.22/3ATransferred to O-list--
Dahl International AB16/4AAcquired by EQT and Ratos2 700
Spectra-Physics AB23/4AAcquired by Thermo Instrument2 819
Astra AB23/4AMerger with Zeneca--
BTL AB30/4AAcquired by Stinnes3 288
Kværner ASA5/5AOn request of the company--
PriFast AB7/5AAcquired by Balder1 500
JP Bank AB11/6AAcquired by Matteus--
Scandinavian PC Systems AB24/6OTCAcquired by PC-Systemer ASA 
Liljeholmens Stearinfabriks AB1/7OAcquired by Blyth Inc.232
BPA AB9/7AAcquired by Procuritas Cap. Partners ll1 924
ABB AB16/7AAcquired by ABB Ltd--
Enator30/7OAcquired by Tieto Corp. Oyj--
Carli Gry International A/S19/8OOn request of the company--
Sorb Industri AB20/8OAcquired by Carl Bennet242
Louis Gibeck AB15/9OTCAcquired by Hudson RCI428
Eldon AB15/10OTCAcquired by EQT Scandinavia BV1 903
Fagerlid Industrier AB15/12OBankruptcy--
Scancem AB22/12AAcquired by Heidelberger Zement AG5 600
ASG AB28/12AAcquired by Danzas AG3 328
Monark Stiga AB28/12OAcquired by GRIMALDI Industri-koncernen1 247
ASTICUS AB29/12OAcquired by IVG Holding AG3 668
Humlegården AB29/12AAcquired by Länsfastigheter604

Company name changes

CompanyDateNew nameShortname
Protect Datasäkerhet AB7/5Protect Data ABPROT (*)
Realia Fastighets AB7/5Realia ABREAL (*)
R-vik Industrigrupp AB7/6Expanda ABEXPA
Emil Lundgrens Elektriska AB2/9Emil Lundgren ABLGRE (*)
Linné Group AB6/12Cell Network ABCELL

(*) No change.


Changes to the Lists 1998

Changes of the share lists, as from January 1st, 1998 New company

Company1st day for trading


payment SEK million
AB Custos11/2ATransferred from O-list--
Lindab AB11/2ATransferred from O-list--
Securitas AB16/2ATransferred from O-list--
ASSA ABLOY AB16/2ATransferred from O-list--
Investmentab. Öresund20/2ATransferred from O-list--
Allgon AB2/3ATransferred from O-list--
WM-data AB5/3ATransferred from O-list--
Diligentia AB6/3ATransferred from O-list--
Bergman & Beving AB12/3ATransferred from O-list--
BioPhausia AB25/3O---
OM Gruppen AB25/3ATransferred from O-list--
Forcenergy Inc.31/3A---
Karo Bio AB3/4O-202
Karolin Machine Tool AB3/4O-294
Nilörngruppen AB6/4OTC-60
Protect Datasäkerhet AB7/4O---
Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd.14/4O---
TurnIT AB15/4O-119
Näckebro AB16/4ATransferred from O-list--
Industrial and Financial System, IFS AB21/4O---
N&T Argonaut AB29/4ATransferred from O-list--
Lifco AB18/5O---
MSC Konsult AB19/5O-10
Guide Konsult AB27/5O-73
BioGaia Biologics AB28/5O-58
Prevas AB29/5O-94
Medi Team Dentalutveckling i Göteborg AB3/6OTransferred from the New Market--
Tryckinvest i Norden AB8/6O-1 246
Mandamus Fastigheter AB15/6O---
Broström Van Ommeren Shipping AB17/6O-210
SAAB AB18/6O-2 147
Carli Gry International A/S23/6O---
Affärsstrategerna i Sverige AB26/6O-99
Fastighets AB Balder30/6O---
CityMail Sweden AB1/7O-175
SIFO Group AB10/9O---
SWECO AB21/9O---
Drott AB24/9O---
Icon Medialab International AB18/11O---
Atle AB27/11ATransferred from O-list--
Softronic AB3/12O-26
Gotland, Rederiab.7/12OTCTransferred from A-list--
Trio AB14/12O---
Autofill AB16/12O---
Johnson Pump International AB21/12O---
Technology Nexus AB22/12O---
Stora Enso Oyj29/12A---
Opcon AB30/12O-50

Delisted companies

(for transfers, see above)

Last day for trading



Cash payment SEK

Spira AB9/1OAcquired by LRF, KF Invest and others873
International Petroleum Corp. IPC21/1OAcquired by Sands Petroleum--
Trygg-Hansa AB6/2AAcquired by S-E-Banken--
Klövern Fastigheter AB9/2AAcquired by Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB60
Sandblom & Stohne AB16/2AAcquired by S & S Intressenter AB358
Acrimo AB27/2OTCDid not fulfil listing requirements--
FORCENERGY AB30/3AAcquired by Forcenergy Inc--
Nordström & Thulin AB31/3OAcquired by Argonaut AB--
Linjebuss AB14/4AAcquired by CGEA Transport956
OMI Corp.28/4AOn the company´s own request--
Gullspång Kraft AB16/6AOn the company´s own request--
SIFAB Fastighets AB26/6AAcquired by Fastighets AB Tornet14
NK Cityfastigheter AB26/6OAcquired by Hufvudstaden AB--
Tidnings AB Marieberg7/7OAcquired by AB Bonnierföretagen5 400
Peak Performance AB12/8OAcquired by Carli Gry International A/S--
Fastighetsab. Storheden i Stockholm14/8OTCAcquired by Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB--
Tryckinvest i Norden AB30/9OAcquired by Quebecor Printing Inc.1 771
Verimation AB9/10OTCAcquired by NetSys Technology Group AB117
Solitair Kapital AB30/10ODid not fulfil listing requirements--
Näckebro AB2/11AAcquired by Drott AB3 360
Benima Ferator Engineering AB12/11OAcquired by Sigma AB197

Company name changes

CompanyDateNew nameShortname
Lindvallen i Sälen AB26/1SälenStjärnan ABSAL
Investmentab. Öresund20/2(Only new shortname)ORES
Argonaut AB23/2N&T Argonaut ABNTA
Sands Petroleum AB7/4Lundin Oil ABLOIL
Fastighetsab. Hufvudstaden13/5Hufvudstaden ABHUFV
Beijer & Alma Industri & Handel AB13/5Beijer Alma ABBEIA
ADB-Gruppen Mandator AB12/6Mandator ABMAND
B&N, Bylock & Nordsjöfrakt AB12/6B&N Nordsjöfrakt ABB&N
Fastighetsab. Havsfrun12/6AB HavsfrunHAV
Incentive AB1/7Gambro ABGAMB
Doro telefoni AB5/8DORO ABDORO
International Business Systems (IBS) AB5/8IBS ABIBS
VBG Produkter AB5/8VBG ABVBG
SWECO AB15/9Humlegården Fastigheter ABHUML
Platzer Bygg AB17/9Platzer Fastigheter ABPLAT
NetCom Systems AB2/11NetCom ABNCOM
Artimplant Development Artdev AB10/12Artimplant ABARTI


Changes to the Lists 1997

Changes to the share lists, as from January 1st, 1997

New companies


1st day


payment SEK
Medical Invest Svenska AB2/1O---
Salus Holding AB2/1O---
ADB-Gruppen Mandator AB3/1O-59
Biora AB10/2O-390
Entra Data AB14/2O-122
Norrporten, Fastighetsab.20/2ATransferred from O-list--
Sigma AB21/2O-100
Alfaskop AB24/2O-45
Svolder AB24/2OTCTransferred from O-list--
NK Cityfastigheter AB21/3O-768
GOTIC AB25/3O-104
AB Sardus7/4A-515
MTV Produktion AB14/4O-76
Borås Wäfveri AB17/4OTCTransferred from A-list--
Ticket Travel Group AB25/4O-105
Autoliv Inc.2/5AMerger with Morton--
Swedish Match AB9/5ATransferred from O-list--
AB Fagerhult13/5OTC---
SäkI AB13/5OTC---
Gränges AB21/5O---
Modul 1 Data AB22/5O---
Castellum AB23/5O-1 530
Semcon AB26/5O-406
Investmentab. Latour30/5OTCTransferred from A-list--
Arkivator AB5/6OTC-80
Karlshamns AB5/6O-873
Gorthon Lines AB6/6OTC---
Scandinavia PC Systems AB6/6OTC-144
L E Lundbergföretagen AB9/6OTransferred from A-list--
H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB10/6OTransferred from A-list--
PartnerTech AB12/6O-263
NIBE Industrier AB16/6OTC-79
Tidnings AB Marieberg16/6OTransferred from A-list--
Handelsbanken Hypotek AB18/6O---
Prosolvia AB18/6O-362
AB Custos19/6OTransferred from A-list--
Information Highway AB19/6O-64
ProfilGruppen AB19/6OTC-100
Pandox Hotellfastigheter AB23/6O-416
North Atlantic Natural Resources AB24/6O-225
Investmentab. Öresund25/6OTransferred from A-list--
R-vik Industrigrupp AB25/6O---
Rörvik Timber AB25/6O---
Hemköpskedjan AB27/6A-1 130
Graningeverkens AB30/6OTransferred from A-list--
Wedins Norden AB1/7OTC-100
ORESA Ventures S.A.1/7O-430
Förvaltningsab. Ratos2/7OTransferred from A-list--
OM Gruppen AB2/7OTransferred from A-list--
ASSA ABLOY AB21/7OTransferred from A-list--
Securitas AB23/7OTransferred from A-list--
Bergman & Beving AB15/8OTransferred from A-list--
Lindab AB22/8OTransferred from A-list--
Hufvudstaden International AB29/8O---
Perstorp AB4/9OTransferred from A-list--
WM-data AB5/9OTransferred from A-list--
Allgon AB5/9OTransferred from A-list--
Jacobson & Widmark AB9/9OTransferred from A-list--
Atle AB10/9OTransferred from A-list--
Argonaut AB12/9OTransferred from A-list--
Nordström & Thulin AB12/9OTransferred from A-list--
Invik & Co AB22/9O---
Svedbergs i Dalstorp AB3/10OTC-175
Liljeholmens Stearinfabriks AB3/10O---
Gylling Optima Batteries AB8/10O---
Munters AB21/10O-1816
Maxim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.24/10O-227
Wilkenson Handskmakar'n AB27/10OTC-163
Svenska Orient Linien AB29/10O-384
Artimplant Development ArtDev AB5/11O-62
Columna Fastigheter AB26/11O---
Jaakko Pöyry Group Oyj2/12O-752
ConNova Group AB9/12O-60
New Wave Group AB11/12OTC-75
Louis Gibeck AB12/12OTC-103
Bylock & Nordsjöfrakt AB12/12OTransferred from A-list--
Nordbanken Holding AB15/12AMerger with Merita--
Gandalf AB18/12O--20
FB Industri Holding AB22/12OTC--73

Delisted companies
(for tranfers, see above)


Last day for trading



Cash payment SEK

Terra Mining AB10/1AAcquired by William Resources Inc704
Hemstaden, Bostadsab.31/1OAcquired by Diös--
Lodet Fastighets AB3/2OTCAcquired by Sv. Bostäder332
M2 FASTIGHETER AB18/4AAcquired by Wihlborg & Son--
CynCrona AB30/4OTCAcquired by OEM International--
Atlantica, Försäkringsab.30/4OAcquired by Invik & Co35
Autoliv AB9/5AMerger with Morton--
VenCap Industrier AB23/5OAcquired by GRIMALDI Industrier126
Föreningsbanken AB11/6AAcquired by Sparbanken Sverige--
Östgöta Enskilda Bank19/6AAcquired by Den Danske Bank2 845
RörviksGruppen AB24/6OTCDevided into R-vik Industrigrupp AB and Rörvik Timber AB--
SIAB AB30/6AAcquired by NCC--
Stadshypotek AB30/6AAcquired by Sv. Handelsbanken22 900
Frontline AB4/7AAcquired by Frontline Ltd.--
Kanthal AB22/8OAcquired by Sandvik AB--
United Tankers AB1/9AUnited Tankers initiative--
VBBgruppen AB15/9OAcquired by SWECO AB--
GOTIC AB14/10OAcquired by Vasakronan773
Skoogs AB31/10AAcquired by Trelleborg380
FABEGE AB2/12AAcquired by Näckebro2200
Nordbanken AB12/12AMerger with Merita--
Hufvudstaden International AB30/12OAcquired by Diligentia--

Company name changes





New shortname
Zetterbergs Industriab.17/3ZETECO ABZETE
NordicTel Holding AB13/5Europolitan Holdings ABEURO
Garphyttan Industrier AB23/5Haldex ABHLDX
Medical Invest Svenska AB4/6Ortivus ABORTI
Catena, AB15/9Bilia ABBILI
Salus Holding AB17/11SalusAnsvar ABSALA
Sparbanken Sverige AB27/11FöreningsSparbanken ABFSPA