Corporate Actions Stockholm - Repurchases of Own Shares

According to the legislation, all domestic companies are required to report every trade in own shares. Foreign companies are not obligated to follow the rules of repurchases of own shares but they can give the information to the Stock Exchange on a voluntary basis. If a foreign company chooses to give this information then the number of shares is the total number of repurchased shares on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and other markets. The price of the transaction is not presented due to different currencies.

In the compilation there is information about which Swedish companies, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, that have repurchased own shares. The information can be presented for a specific company or for a specific date. Se the link below for the complete set of rules and reporting routines for repurchases of own shares on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

In the compilation all repurchases of own shares are accumulated until December 14th 2000. 

NOTE: To find a company’s total holding of repurchased shares in the compilation below, please choose “Company” in the drop-down menu “Gruppera resultat som”. Then choose the company that you are interested in from the drop-down menu “Company”



Company Type Date Price Quantity Value
-500 .00
Atlas Copco AB ser. A Other 2016-05-04 -500 .00


Company Type Date Price Quantity Value
1,756,323 123,126,695.40
NCC B Other 2016-05-03 Incitamentsprogram -84,107 .00
Atlas Copco AB ser. A Sell 2016-05-03 203.61 -30,070 -6,122,552.70
SEB A Repurchase 2016-05-03 75.33 1,900,000 143,123,770.00
Wallenstam B Repurchase 2016-05-03 67.12 25,000 1,677,947.50
JM Repurchase 2016-05-03 230.95 15,500 3,579,650.60
NCC B Repurchase 2016-05-03 273.32 -70,000 -19,132,120.00


Company Type Date Price Quantity Value
649,251 45,251,676.00
Clas Ohlson Other 2016-05-02 -40,569 .00
Atlas Copco AB ser. A Sell 2016-05-02 207.30 -180 -37,314.00
NCC B Sell 2016-05-02 277.30 -50,000 -13,864,950.00
SEB A Repurchase 2016-05-02 77.10 700,000 53,969,860.00
Wallenstam B Repurchase 2016-05-02 67.67 25,000 1,691,720.00
JM Repurchase 2016-05-02 232.82 15,000 3,492,360.00