Options & Futures Trading at Nasdaq Nordic

The Nasdaq options and futures exchange is one of the largest derivatives exchanges in Europe. We have conducted trading in options and futures since 1985, and were the first in the world to start an electronic options market with integrated clearing. Since its inception, Nasdaq has gone from strength to strength and today offers a fully integrated Nordic derivatives exchange, trading in Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian options and futures.

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Trade Options and Futures Where the Greatest Liquidity is Found

A total of 140 banks and broker firms have direct access to Nasdaq’s products in our world-leading trading system. Based on the volumes of contracts traded, Nasdaq operates the most liquid exchange for trading in Nordic options and futures. Our regulations are harmonized with other leading European exchanges, facilitating trading for both local and international investors.

By linking market makers to the marketplace, we have ensured that our market participants will always be able to receive a true market price – one that is also fully transparent. No matter where or when you trade, you can rest assured that the price will be in line with the current market valuation of the instrument traded. To further stimulate trading and enhance liquidity, Nasdaq offers a professional market place service that can be used by your bank or broker firm for arranging and executing complex or large orders.

  • High liquidity – the world’s most liquid marketplace for Nordic options and futures

  • Wide range – access to the entire Nordic and Baltic region on one single exchange

  • Full pricing transparency – the entire market sets prices


All trading in options and futures within Nasdaq Nordic is conducted through Nasdaq Stockholm AB, the Swedish stock exchange. Clearing is conducted through Nasdaq Clearing AB. Nasdaq Stockholm AB and Nasdaq Clearing AB are both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Nasdaq Nordic Ltd which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nasdaq AB.