Limit Locator Overview

The Nasdaq Limit Locator provides customers with help in tracking trades entered into the FINRA/NasdaqTRF that are at and outside of the set Limit Up/Limit Down price bands. The new product provides daily trade counts and specific trade information for the following criteria:

  • At lower price band
  • At higher price band
  • Outside lower price band
  • Outside higher price band

Daily trade data, as well as 30 days of historical data, is available for export in CSV format. The monitor also features a quick link to access an ACT trade scan for easy viewing of trade details for trades in potential violation of the rule.


Reg Recon

Reg Recon is a real-time, web based surveillance alert and report tool that assists firms with compliance. Reg Recon has two main components:

  • Reg NMS Module– Real-time warning of potential trade-through trades.
  • Clearly Erroneous Module – Real-time alerts of potential clearly erroneous trades, online erroneous trade filings to Nasdaq MarketWatch and negotiations with the contra party.


Clearly Erroneous Viewer

Features and Functionality include:

  • Ability to view and file for multiple MPIDs
  • Email alerts for potentially erroneous executions and filing status changes
  • Reg NMS Module:
    • Real-time warning of potential trade-through trades.
    • Time and Sales details showing which protected quotes were traded through.
    • Ability to download and print five days of historical data.
    • Record of NASDAQ Self Help declarations and revocations.


Clearly Erroneous Module

  • Erroneous trade alerts for potentially erroneous trades on The Nasdaq Stock Market.
  • Ability to view and file for multiple MPIDs.
  • Electronic clearly erroneous filing directly with Nasdaq MarketWatch.
  • Email notifications for both potentially erroneous trades and filing status.
  • Anonymous negotiation of erroneous trades with the contra party and the opportunity to accept the final adjustment or proceed with MarketWatch ruling.
  • Real-time filing status updates during the entire filing process.
  • CE Viewer displaying all trades under review street-wide by MarketWatch in real-time.
  • Ability to download and print 90 days of historical data.


Short Sale Monitor

The Short Sale Monitor is a compliance tool that displays real-time alerts and exception reports for trades affected by the SEC Alternative Uptick Rule. To access the Short Sale Monitor, you must subscribe to a Nasdaq Workstation or Weblink ACT 2.0. Subscription is on a per MPID basis. Once an MPID is subscribed, all Workstations and Weblink ACT terminals associated with that MPID will automatically receive access to the Short Sale Monitor. 

The Short Sale Monitor provides real-time updates of securities added to or removed from the Short Sale Circuit Breaker list. The tool gives firms exception reports for trades reported to the FINRA/Nasdaq Trade Reporting FacilityTM (TRFTM) in securities on the list for the following trade circumstances:

  • Sold short, not marked exempt
  • Sold short, marked exempt
  • Sold short on an uptick
  • Marked exempt, but not on the circuit breaker list

The Short Sale Monitor provides the ability to set up custom email alerts for securities on the Short Sale Circuit Breaker list and a 30-day history of all covered securities and alerts. Real-time and historical alerts for trades in the securities subject to the Short Sale Circuit Breakers on Nasdaq, BX and PSX are also available as add-on data packages.


InterAct Compliance Tool

InterACT allows compliance officers, traders and back office analysts to keep track of their compliance, while helping to monitor for the following violations:

  • 30 second reporting requirement
  • 20 minute failed to compare
  • Reg NMS Trade-Throughs