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Nasdaq offers customers the latest developments in products and services in the Post Trade business. Our offerings span from tailor made high tech solutions for our customers to outsourcing of your entire back office.

Nasdaq’s own developed Back Office system, WIZER is always updated according to changes on the market and we help our customers to adapt to those. WIZER is a flexible system that can easily be designed after your specific request.

With 20 years of experience and more than 100 satisfied securities firms in all Nordic countries, Nasdaq solutions are adapted for the challenges ahead, and our main interest is to help the customer to cut costs and at the same time become more market efficient. You, as our customer, will be ready to face the new initiatives on the market.

Our Services

Back Office for Hire

Nasdaq gives you the opportunity to outsource your company’s entire back-office function.

Back Office for Hire offers you optimized flexibility for your back-office operations. Since we offer both specially trained personnel and systems solutions closely related to security operations, we can easily customize our services and quickly adapt to changes in the market.

Based on our extensive experience of security-market operations and technology development for the financial market, we can ensure customized and optimized operations, both in terms of costs and time. We interact directly with the market on behalf of your company, with no intermediary. Moreover, since our business unit itself is a securities company that is subject to the supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority, you can be assured that we follow the same regulations that apply to your company.

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Nasdaq Information Interface Service, NOIIS

Financial Information through one single interface

The possibility to clear and settle transactions on different marketplaces and clearing platforms in Europe creates high demands on the technical infrastructure within the industry. Nasdaq Information Interface Service, NOIIS, offers Financial Institutions the possibility to connect to a large number of information vendors, marketplaces, Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) and Central Clearing Counterparties (CCPs) through one interface and all infrastructure as well as support and maintenance will be handled by Nasdaq.

NOIIS is gathering information from a large number of sources and the information will be translated to a standardized format. NOIIS delivers the information through one interface where the receiving systems can import the information in real time which will give the client an up to date information flow. Through the use of NOIIS clients will benefit both from cost savings as well as resource savings.

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Transaction Reporting Service, TRS

Reports your MiFID Transactions Efficiently and Effortlessly

Nasdaq transaction- and reporting service offers automatic transaction reporting. The system functionality complies with the MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) regulation regarding the obligation to report trading with financial instruments. The system offers surveillance of status and will handle receipts regarding files delivered to the FSA (Financial Services Authority), error handling, as well as scheduled delivery of data to the receiving authority; the system also handles queries from authorities. Nasdaq offers predefined reports for the Nordic and Baltic markets. All activities are traceable and the system contains a high degree of logging of activities in the system.

All communication between the tool and the system which it interacts with is a two way communication. This gives the client the option to choose between a full automatic flow or a number of combinations between manual and automatic reporting. Manual reporting offers the possibility to control the transaction reporting before it is sent to the appropriate authority. There are a number of possibilities to communicate with the tool; FTP, Web Service as well as other client specific solutions enables interaction between the service and multiple systems.

The system is delivered with an outsourced solution where the systems support and maintenance regarding the system and the communication is included in the service. The system is installed and configured to match your organization and the demands from the authorities.

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Nasdaq EMIR Trade Reporting Service

EMIR Reporting Obligations

One of the key directives under The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) is the obligation to report all derivatives contracts to a Trade Repository (TR).

Nasdaq EMIR Trade Reporting Service

Nasdaq provides an EMIR Trade Reporting Service that is fully compliant with the reporting obligations under EMIR Article 9, where Nasdaq customers can delegate the reporting of their (and their clients’) trades to Nasdaq.

The Nasdaq EMIR Trade Reporting Service Includes

  • Establishing connectivity with relevant Trade Repositories
  • Reporting of derivatives contracts traded and cleared on Nasdaq’s markets
  • Reporting of OTC derivatives transactions that are not traded or cleared by Nasdaq
  • Different service levels are available making it possible to report even the trades of customers’ end clients
  • Ability for members to append required data to derivatives transactions for reporting
  • Daily updates to the Trade Repository of collateral and mark-to-market valuations
  • Reporting feedback of submitted reports
  • Nasdaq’s regulatory reporting service also includes reporting obligations under REMIT for the energy market. Details of this service can be found on here.

Service Interface

The service is provided with a flexible interface where the Customer can select to interact with Nasdaq via an application or by uploading fixed format files.

The service application is a user friendly desktop solution that enables the Customer to perform the following activities:

  • View status of submitted reports
  • View status of individual reported transactions
  • Search for historical reports
  • Review and confirm Nasdaq generated reports
  • Create new transactions for reporting
  • Export data to the Customer’s systems

New transactions may also be uploaded via the application as CSV-files according to specified templates.

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Corporate Action Middleware, CAM

Monitors your Nordic Corporate Actions

In order to stay up-to-date of Corporate Action (CA) events that may affect client’s holdings, it is often necessary to monitor multiple CA information sources. To interpret conditions and monitor possible changes of such events normally requires numerous of working hours. NasdaqX offers a product which presents Nordic CA information in a collected and foreseeable way in order to facilitate administration and reduce risk related to CA processes.

Nasdaq application, Corporate Action Middleware (CAM) gathers, compiles and distributes information of Nordic Corporate Action Events, ruled by the guiding principles of the Security Market Practice Group. All notifications are also available as formatted SWIFT-messages directly on the web and Corporate Action Data can be distributed through file and/or web.

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Fund Services

Functionality and Services for Fund Distributors

Nasdaq offers functionality and services for fund distributors trading funds either on the Nordic Fund Market (NFM) or with separate fund companies. Our service covers the whole business flow from order entry to execution and booking on client accounts. This makes the administration and the accounting towards end clients both easier and more efficient. The service requires use of the Nasdaq custody system, WIZER.

Each customer has the possibility to reach the custody system via the web and can place orders, get information about different funds and orders, see their fund holdings and account balance in different currencies as well as the performance of their account. Transactions and orders, both current and historic, are clearly shown. It is also possible to get contract notes, account statements and tax reports.

Nasdaq also offers an additional service with reconciliation of holdings and cash balance, where a SWIFT messages or a file with the fund holdings and cash balances are sent from the fund company and the bank to Nasdaq reconciliation system where they are matched. Deviation reports will be sent to the fund distributor.

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Efficient Clearing Solution for Reconciliation and Collateral Management - NetClear

Nasdaq offers a tool, NetClear that is automating the management of Central Clearing Counterparty (CCP) trades with an end to end business flow between exchanges/Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) – CCPs/General Clearing Members (GCMs). By using NetClear to manage CCP trades, a market participant can reduce clearing & settlement operations as well as the operational risk.

For a Non Clearing Member (NCM), NetClear can be used to reconcile marketplace trades and the GCM net settlement instructions. The same process is used to integrate between an NCM and their GCM. With NetClear you can minimize your investments, simplify and streamline the process of adapting and maintaining your in-house systems.

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