Genium INET - Protocol Specifications

The information provided in this area is related to Genium INET connectivity integration options.

The same set of interfaces are offered for all the markets running on Genium INET - namely Commodity derivatives, Equity derivatives and Fixed Income derivatives. Genium INET ITCH is currently available for Equity derivatives and Commodities. Protocol specifications and documentation are available here below.

Please refer to the Enhancements area for the upcoming Genium INET releases.

For connectivity information please refer to Connectivity & Access

All below files are in PDF format 

OMnet API Kits for Download


Platform/Download Entered
Header file for Genium INET 5.0.0201 2017-11-18


Platform/Downloads Entered
Sun 510 X86 32bit 15-10-06
Sun 510 X86 64bit 15-10-06
Sun 510 Sparc 32bit 15-10-06
Sun 510 Sparc 64bit 15-10-06


Platform/Downloads Entered
VMS 8.3 Itanium 32bit 14-06-09
VMS 8.3 Itanium 64bit 14-06-09


Platform/Downloads   Entered
Windows NT5 32bit VS8   16-09-12
Windows NT6 32bit VS9   16-09-12
Windows NT6 64bit VS9   16-09-12
Windows NT6.1 32bit VS10   16-09-12
Windows NT6.1 64bit VS10   16-09-12
Windows NT6.1 64bit VS12   16-09-12

Genium INET FIX Documentation


FIX Industry standard interface for order management and trade management


Information about the GCF feed, test environment availability and GCF Source mapping can be found in the latest Weekly News Letter here