INET Nordic - Certification

  • Certification is mandatory for all applications connecting to the INET Nordic environments, with focus on order management applications.
  • Note that it is the application that is certified, meaning that the actual certification activity is applicable to the ISVs and to those members with in-house developed software directly connected to INET protocols.
  • The certification will include functional and failover scenarios.
  • Partial certification is possible:
    - Either on Order Management or Trade reporting
    - Selected functions can also be excluded if not used.
  • Certification is done in interaction with Nasdaq personnel, meaning that a member or ISV reserves time for certification. During the certification the client is instructed to execute specified certification cases and Nasdaq verifies that the client application fulfils the expected requirements and behaviour.
  • The certification cases are listed in the INET Nordic Certification Cases.
  • To schedule an appointment for certification contact (+46 8 405 6410).

INET Nordic Certification Cases (Updated 2017-11-08)

INET Nordic Execution Algo Certification Cases (Updated 2017-04-10)

INET PRM Test Cases

List of Certified ISVs