INET Nordic - Operations Info

This page contains information related to operations of INET Nordic & Baltic Production, including both technical and business operations related information.

System Hours (CET)

03:00-06:45 INET (FIX Order Entry, FIX Trade Reporting, OUCH and ITCH) open for connectivity, login and reference data load
06:30 GCF (TIP) open for connectivity, login and reference data load
07:00 Reference data file available on file
07:00 Start of day all market segments
18:05 INET (matching and routing engine) closed
18:30 INET connectivity testing possible to FIX Order Entry, OUCH and ITCH
22:00 Trade Reporting engine and INET closed for connectivity
23:30 GCF (TIP) closed for connectivity

INET Nordic is available between 06:45 and 18:05 CET, APA Trade Reporting available until 22:00 CET.
INET (FIX Order Entry, OUCH and ITCH) is open for connectivity testing seven days a week between 18:30 to 22:00 CET. GCF (TIP) is available for login every day but source data is only loaded on businessdays.