INET Nordic - Protocol Specifications


The information provided in this area is related to Current and Future protocol specifications necessary for successful member, broker and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) integration with INET Nordic trading platform.

  • Current Protocol specifications are the ones used in INET Nordic Production. The Market Model for Nasdaq Nordic describes the functionalities for trading of Equities and Related on the regulated Market Segments and First North on Nasdaq Nordic, including Nasdaq Baltic¹.
  • Future Protocol specifications are upcoming protocol specifications for new Enhancements that require changes to the specifications. Detailed information about upcoming changes is distributed via IT-Notices and is available in the Enhancements webpage. When an enhancement requires changes to the Market Model, the upcoming Market Model version is available under Rules & Regulations (Rule consultations/notifications).
  • Market Data and Reports & File Services specifications applicable for INET Nordic are available here although more information is to be found on the Nordic Market Data webpages and in the GCF and FDS tab under Technical Information

¹ Nasdaq Nordic refers to, either each individually or all together, Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, Nasdaq Iceland hf. and Nasdq Stockholm AB. Nasdaq Nordic may also include Nasdaq Baltic that respectively refers to Nasdaq Riga, Nasdaq Tallinn and Nasdaq Vilnius. 

Future INET Nordic Protocol Specifications

Currently no upcoming protocol specifications available, latest specifications available under INET Nordic Protocol Specifications in Production.


Further information regarding coming initiatives can be found under INET Nordic Enhancements.

Production protocol specifications are available under Current INET Nordic Protocol Specifications in Production.

Current INET Nordic Protocol Specifications in Production

The protocol specifications below are valid for the INET systems in Production. Future protocol specifications to be found under Future INET Nordic Protocol Specifications.

All below documents are in PDF format , if not other stated.

INET Nordic protocols

Order Record Keeping (ORK) documents

Transaction Reporting for non-investment firms

Market Data Protocol Specifications in Production

Market Data is available via ITCH from INET and TIP from GCF (Genium Consolidated Feed).  

Upcoming ITCH related protocols specifications are available under Future INET Protocol Specifications

Reports & File Services

Files and Reports available via FDS (File Delivery Service):

More information on FDS

Files and Reports available via ftp/sftp: