The Nasdaq Stock Market

The Nasdaq Stock Market (Nasdaq) trades more U.S. equities than any other U.S. exchange. As an automatic execution venue, Nasdaq increases your speed of execution, ensuring your quote updates and orders are processed nearly instantaneously. Nasdaq is renowned for its high performance INET technology and has proven reliability with 99.99 % uptime. Firms count on Nasdaq for unsurpassed speed and tested capacity to execute trades quickly and efficiently. In addition, Nasdaq's value-added products and services provide the complete package for your U.S. equity trading. Learn More


Nasdaq Nordic

Nasdaq Nordic trades all Nordic equities on a single platform, serving as a central gateway to the Nordic financial market, offering listing and trading services for among others; issuers, banks and brokers and market data vendors. Nasdaq Nordic comprises approx. 720 companies including its alternative markets (MTFs) First North and offers trading in equities, derivatives, fixed income and more. The trading offering also includes Norwegian large cap equities. Nasdaq Nordic is not a legal entity but describes the common offering from Nasdaq exchanges in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Iceland. For price information, visit the Nasdaq Nordic website 


Nasdaq BX

Nasdaq BX (BX) is a Reg NMS protected quote featuring a price/time priority market structure and popular trading functionality. With a rebate to remove liquidity, BX offers attractive economics for liquidity takers. This pricing structure creates opportunities for adders of liquidity as well, providing a way to maximize execution possibilities. Learn More



Nasdaq PSX

PSX operates as a Reg NMS protected quote and runs on proven INET technology. Participants can still utilize popular order types and functionality in this price-time market, such as Mid-Point Peg and Post-Only orders, as well as Order Modify and Self Match Prevention. PSX now offers Routing and Minimum Quantity Orders. Learn More