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New release in Nordic Workstation: The update of PNPR ticket includes the new parameter Ratio. This parameter allows the trader to enter a ratio between the legs in which the strategy should execute. The ratio can be entered either as Buy Leg over Sell Leg or Sell Leg over Buy Leg.


NASDAQ OMX will broaden the Execution services offering by implementing a set of traditional execution algorithms (Algos) via the INET Nordic trading system including Nordic Workstation. The latest version in production 6.09.00 supports this service. The user guide has also been updated and we have also added a user guide for the ALGO service found under User Guides button in the application.


New Nordic Workstation version 6.08.33 available in production, featuring the new PRM read only module and the order entry confirmation dialogue box. For full details please see the updated release notes.


New Nordic Workstation version 6.08.21 available in production, featuring the direct routing strategy to Oslo Børs shares and the GTC Order History function. For full details please see the updated release notes.


Latest release notes available, featuring the new functionality import/export workspace.


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