Norwegian Shares

Nasdaq Nordic – Easy Access To All Nordic Shares Via Single Connection

All Norwegian shares and six ETFs listed on Oslo Børs markets are now available for trading on First North Stockholm or Nasdaq Stockholm (ETFs only). Whether you execute at Nasdaq Nordic Markets or via routing, the same Nasdaq Nordic Member Rules, high quality market surveillance and CCP clearing used for trading equities with primary listing on Nasdaq Nordic markets is also applied for trading all equities with primary listing on Oslo Børs.

7 Habits of Highly Efficient Trading

How do you increase the profitability and efficiency of trading Norwegian shares? Follow the “7 habits of highly efficient trading” and you can look forward to significant cost savings starting today.



Think Win-Win

At Nasdaq it is possible to save money without compromising efficiency. We offer multi asset trading on one platform and a wide range of services to make your business more profitable.


Put clients first

Provide your clients with best execution – because they are worth it.



In today´s trading environment the importance of synergies is increasing. By trading all Nordic shares at Nasdaq you will save the investment in expensive technology and market data.


Begin with the access

Access the fragmented liquidity in Europe via one single gateway. Our Smart Order Routing service, integrated in the INET Nordic trading system, is available for you. Sign up now.


Sharpen the saw

Trade faster, safer and easier using the Nasdaq platform. Trading Norwegian shares with us will give you many advantages and the best liquidity. 


Seek to understand

Want to know more? Download our Podcast for more information.



Be proactive

Contact us today and sign up for trading Norwegian Shares at Nasdaq



Complement Trading With Smart Order Routing Service Via Existing Connectivity

Nasdaq Nordic offers easy access to trading Norwegian shares at other European trading venues via one single gateway. Smart Order Routing service, integrated in the INET Nordic trading system, is available for members by application. More information on Smart Order Routing service »