The Nasdaq ETF Markets

Based on trading volume, The NASDAQ Stock Market is the world’s largest exchange for exchange traded funds (ETFs). The NASDAQ ETF Market is a competitive listing venue designed specifically for ETFs. Leveraging NASDAQ’s strength in trading, indexing, investor outreach, and sourcing liquidity, we are poised to help sponsors create, grow and evolve ETFs into liquid investment tools.

The ETFs listed on Nasdaq Nordic track the performance of a wide variety of underlying asset classes. There are also ETFs that provide magnified exposure to these assets through leveraged funds, which create the potential for several times greater daily return.

Nasdaq Nordic

Nasdaq Nordic offers a range of listing and trading services for mutual fund products in the Nordic countries.

  • In Sweden, the Nasdaq Nordic Fund Market is an electronic mutual fund service that enables straight through processing of orders and payments between fund distributors and fund companies.
  • In Denmark investment funds are listed and traded on the exchange.
  • In Iceland managers of listed mutual funds provide Nasdaq Iceland with information on monthly closing price and fund size.