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The Nasdaq Nordic Fund Market currently has signed agreements with 180 fund companies with more than 4,000 available mutual funds. The connected fund companies are domiciled both in Sweden and abroad. For a complete list of the Nasdaq Nordic Fund universe please contact us. 

Below is the current list of fund companies. 

List of available fund companies

Fund Distributors

Fund Distributors connected to the service have chosen Nordic Fund Market to streamline their existing fund trading and in order to access to a wide range of mutual fund through one single connection. Among the customers at Nordic Fund Market there are retail banks, private banks, insurance companies and institutional investors. The service currently covers the Swedish market but is planned to extend to the whole Nordic region over time.


Fund Companies

Fund companies with funds available on Nordic Fund Market receive orders from many distributors through one single connection. Nordic Fund Market aggregates the fund orders sent from fund the distributors to the fund companies which means fewer orders to handle and allows more efficient operations due to STP handling. Although the Nordic Fund Market aggregate orders, the service offers full transparency regarding holdings and transactions on the distributor level.