NASDAQ Midpoint Liquidity

Millions of dollars worth of price improvement goes unexecuted every month on Nasdaq.

There is a large amount of untapped midpoint activity on Nasdaq, particularly in a number of high volume securities, and that represents a missed opportunity for price improvement. Stop settling for pennies per lot of price improvement – send your orders to Nasdaq to receive half the spread by executing at the midpoint.

Hit the Mid

Don’t miss out on price improvement on Nasdaq. There’s more than you might think.


Volume Added from Midpoint Orders

Symbol Volume
SIRI 30,698,015
BAC 28,490,225
SPY 23,082,061
MSFT 22,266,739
CSCO 22,108,625
EEM 20,335,445
GDX 20,039,159
INTC 18,595,296
T 16,970,472
FTR 16,320,295

 Q2 2015, Nasdaq Global Equities